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10 Tips To Stand Out On Twitter

Did you know that our most read blog post is our ‘What is a Hashflag?’ post? The fact continues to surprise us every day, as it was written on a whim about 3 years ago! So, if you haven’t had a read of that post – go and take a look and what we’re about to talk about will make perfect sense!

Today we’re going to look at how you can stand out on Twitter – whether that’s on your personal profile as a brand ambassador, or, more importantly, on your business page.

1.Attract the Right Audience
Imagine a customer first finding you on one of your social media profiles – what would their first impression be? Twitter may offer minimal options to customise your presence, but it can be done, and you just need to make the most of the fields you can change.

Everything from your bio, your header image, and the tweets you share should be crafted with your audience in mind. This way, they’ll come across your profile and resonate with what you have to offer - and they’ll actually want to follow you! As you make any of the updates shared in this post, consider what would appeal to them.

2. Choose Your Images Carefully
You deliberated over your Facebook cover photo, so why haven’t you done the same for Twitter? On mobile, your header image will come up small but on desktop this space is just as prominent as it is on Facebook – so take the time to choose and resize a suitable image or graphic, the same applies to your profile image too. Try and include your company logo if you can too, but make sure it is correctly sized and placed.

3. Make your Bio Speak to Your Customers
A Twitter bio takes some thought - you don’t have reams of space to talk about what you do as on Facebook – you have 160 characters, so you need to make each one count. A great bio for your Twitter profile tells people what you do, shows a little personality, and also includes relevant keywords so you’ll show up in search results.

4.Utilise your Pinned Tweet
Have an event coming up or a special offer you need to promote? Create a Tweet which focuses on this and pin it to the top of your profile. If you don’t have anything like this, think about crafting a Tweet which will capture your audience’s attention – can you create a free download in return for a newsletter sign up? Promote this here.

5. Keep your Tweeting Consistent
This rule applies to every social media platform and if you have one, your blog too. There is nothing more off putting to a potential customer or client than coming across your profile and seeing it has been sat dormant for weeks or even months!

If you find your audience is on Twitter, you should be Tweeting and interacting with your followers several times a day – which is a lot when you’re running a business at the same time. Make the most of free scheduling tool Tweetdeck to help you out. As a minimum, aim to Tweet a few times a week to keep your account active and followers engaged.

6. Do Your Hashtag Research
One of the best ways to ensure your Twitter profile stands out is by using the right hashtags in your tweets. This way, whenever someone searches a specific hashtag, your post will show up. It increases the odds of being discovered and can boost engagement as well.

But the key is to use relevant hashtags! You want to make sure your hashtags are relevant to the tweet’s content, while also being something your target audience is going to search. Otherwise, what’s the point?
Brainstorm some hashtag ideas and search them on Twitter to see if they’re actually being used. Popularity is important! From there, it helps to make a list of the top hashtags for your industry so you can easily refer to it and add them to your tweets when needed.

7. Post at The Right Times
Twitter reports that the best days to post on the platform are Tuesday and Thursday and you need to remember that Tweets have a very short lifespan, so you need to be posting when your followers are online. Experiment with your posting schedule to see how your posting times impact your impressions and engagement rate. If you’re posting several times a day spread your posts out to reach a wider audience.

8. Make an Effort to Engage
Jumping on trending hashtags and Tweeting about hot topics can certainly pay off, but don’t feel like you always have to follow the crowd. Your content needs to feel real at the end of the day! If you’re finding trending topics aren’t for you and your business, focus on interacting with your followers and supporting their content too. A simple like, retweet or reply can help to build relationships with your followers who will do the same back to you, showing your content to a wider audience who may be future customers.

9. Vary your content
Twitter allows you to share text, images, gifs, videos and emojis – so try posting them all to make your feed look like an exciting, vibrant place to browse. Video especially is something there isn’t enough of on Twitter, so you’ll instantly stand out if you’re able to post some with your Tweets. If you’ve got an important message to get out there, include some emojis to draw the readers eye to your Tweet – just like a hashflag does!

10. Humanise your Tweets
We know we always say it – but make sure your Tweets really sound like they’re from you and your brand. The last thing your audience wants to feel is that they’re following a robot! Ask for your followers’ opinions using polls, share what you’re working on and write in a tone that will resonate with your audience.

Phew, we’ve reached the end of our 10 tips to stand out on Twitter. Now it might sound like a lot, but you don’t need to every single one of these all at once – we bet you’re doing some of them already! All we want to do it get you thinking about some simple ways to make sure the time you put into your Twitter presence pays off. If you’d like a hand with your social media marketing as a whole, we can step in to help if you need us. Maybe Instagram just isn’t your thing or you know you should be on LinkedIn but just can’t get round it, please get in touch and we could be the helping hand you’ve been looking for!

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