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4 Easy Tips for Running Successful Facebook Competitions 2021 ✨

You might not know this, but 34% of new followers are acquired through Facebook competitions. This is just one of the brilliant benefits of running competitions on the social platform. 

Competitions are beneficial for businesses. Full stop. Before we delve into how to make your Facebook competitions as successful as possible, here’s just a few of the other benefits. As we’ve already mentioned, it can really help in building upon your existing following. What's more, it’s a great way to showcase your products or services and ultimately raise awareness of your brand. This other point most likely speaks for itself as running competitions does help to boost engagement with your page. All in all, these efforts can lead to acquiring new custom as well as retaining existing customers; ultimately Facebook competitions can result in new relationships and those all important conversions - yay!! 

BUT not all competitions that are published are successful and that may be because they’re missing some important components.

We like to make your lives easier, there’s lots of information out there about Facebook competitions but they can be lengthy, wordy and uninviting. So without further ado,

Here are our 4 easy tips for running a successful Facebook Competition in 2021!

Watch the video below or keep on reading. We know there are two types of people in the world... 😜

  1. Make it easy for people to enter

    We are all a little bit lazy, aren’t we? Well bearing that in mind, people aren’t going to engage with your competition if they have to jump through a million hoops simply to be in for a chance of winning; it’s simply unreasonable to think so. So keep it easy by asking for simple like and/or comment on the post. This will give a real boost in your engagement.
  2. Creating eye catching graphics

    You need to stop people in their tracks and a basic text-only status isn’t going to cut it. A fun, bold, and striking graphic to stop the thumb scrolling is exactly what you need when it comes to posting a Facebook competition. Use an image of their potential prize, get them hooked from the get-go with an impressive visual of the exciting and sought-after jackpot. 
  3. Offer a worthwhile prize

    With that said, you must make sure that the prize is exciting and something your audience and potential customers will be interested in. If your offering is irrelevant to your audience or seemingly not worth their time, this will plummet any engagement with the post. The better the prize the more widespread and competition can come; resulting in maximum engagement! 
  4. Follow the rules

    The rules for Facebook competitions seem to be something of an enigma, but really they’re quite straight forward and actually in place for your benefit. By following the rules for Facebook competitions it maximises your chances of gathering a new following that is genuinely interested in your business and what you have to offer. Once upon a time businesses forced consumers to like their business page or share the competition as a requirement to enter, in fact, this isn’t allowed. We’re going to make this really simple with a few do’s and don’t of Facebook competitions…


  • Ask people to like and comment on the post itself as a way of entering the competition. 
  • Encourage people to share the post with their family and friends so they have the opportunity to enter too. 
  • Encourage them to like your business page if they like what you are offering. 
  • Make it clear that the competition isn’t associated with Facebook. 


  • Make it a requirement that people HAVE to tag friends to enter the competition. 
  • Make it a requirement that people HAVE to share the post in order to enter the competition or equally, like the business page to enter. 

We hope that this helps you best understand how to run successful competitions on Facebook, eliminating any worries you had about the rules that Facebook have in place to make competitions fair for everyone involved. We can’t wait to see lots of your small businesses putting these tips into practise and finding that you have huge successes with your next Facebook competition. 

If you have found this blog useful and would like more help with all things social media and digital marketing, please get in touch today, we love to hear from you. 😊




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