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5 Months of Working from Home!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 months since we packed up our PCs and phones and left the office ready to set up our new workstations at home, all the way back in March. With the team away from the office for so long, we thought we’d better update you all on what we’ve been up to in lockdown and our experiences of working from home!


Working at home for an extended period of time has been very new to me, all my working life I’ve travelled to work every day, so it felt very alien at the start of lockdown. I’m quite a sociable person and love being in the office with everyone, enjoying the banter in the team, and also bouncing ideas around as a group, which we’ve been doing on Google Hangouts and Zoom, but it’s not the same!

Overall though, I feel we have been fortunate to be in an industry that can work from anywhere, and we have invested time and money over the last few years updating and improving our infrastructure which has meant we all picked up our PC’s and desk phones, plugged them in at home and it’s business as usual. We are also very lucky to have a team who have worked incredibly hard through this time to look after our clients and rise to the challenges it has brought, it makes me incredibly proud to work alongside them all.

Outside of work, it’s been great not having the commute (all 2 miles of it) and I’ve used the time to go running more often and get fit. Going out for 30 – 40 mins running first thing on a morning really sets you up for the day. The downside is, I’ll need to keep it up when we do make it back to the office!


The past 5 months have been an interesting time. I can't say that there was any particular 'additional' enjoyment for me but certainly, even though I live fairly close to the office, I saved money on petrol. I also didn't have to drag breakfast and lunch stuff in every day.

In coping with Lockdown, I learnt that when 'needs must' you CAN make adjustments and sacrifices. Also, despite spending everyday together, I still love my wife and enjoy her company where others have found this to be challenging to their relationships.

I also learnt that we, as an organisation, could consider home-working options in the future when the world does return to safe co-working again. I would prefer people to be at the office but I have to concede that working from home has worked so maybe there's a balance in there somewhere.

When you then ask yourself, "What haven't you enjoyed/ what have you missed?" I think it's fair to say I simply missed all of the team. We have laughs and banter that help the days go by and, for my part, helps to keep me young. I missed the team terribly...!


The biggest benefit of working from home for me has been having the chance to spend more time with my dogs. I miss them when I am at work and it’s been lovely to have furry co-workers. They join me in my home office everyday and have made the occasional appearance on Zoom calls, not always by invitation...

Working from home I have learnt how solid the Purple team is. We have all made such an effort to stay connected and the quality and output of work hasn’t skipped a beat. I think it shows how resilient we are as a team and the commitment we all have to our clients and the business.

I have missed the office banter a lot. Working in an open office there is always some level of shenanigans and I miss having a laugh with the team. I miss Phil’s dodgy tv recommendations, Allan’s foodie chat, gossiping with James, being made to feel ancient by Kieran and his questionable taste in music, George’s Yorkshireisms, the daily deliveries for Emma and getting a peek at her purchases, Jess’ subtle as a brick sense of humour that never fails to make me laugh and Amanda’s baking.


The past 5 months have flown by and when I look back, I have really enjoyed working from home. It has been great to see that we can all still be productive and work as a team whilst not being together in the office!

The thing I have enjoyed the most is not having to commute. The extra half an hour before and after work feels like you have so much more time in the day! Also being able to make lunch at home is really nice! (Sandwiches were starting to get a bit boring). Although it has been really good working from home, it can get pretty quiet sometimes, so I do miss the social aspect of being in the office. We all chat online and have video calls but it’s still not quite the same. We have a picnic planned soon so it’s going to be nice to have a catch up with the team.

We are also very lucky to have a team who have worked incredibly hard through this time to look after our clients and rise to the challenges it has brought, it makes me incredibly proud to work alongside them all.


Working from home has been enjoyable on so many levels - my favorite being right next to my little companion (My dog), keeping spirits up and letting me know when it's time to stop working! But on the other hand it has been a learning experience for all of us however, for me I have learnt that I am able to produce the same level of work from anywhere and that we are all a fully functional company whether at home or in the office.

The not so enjoyable part of working from home is not being able to work alongside my colleagues in person and on a friendship basis, it's not actually being able to see them. I get that we message a lot during the days, but messages dont cut it all the time... We are like a family after all.


Working from home definitely took a little bit of adjusting to, but overall I’ve just felt so grateful to be able to keep working, and working with a wonderful team at that! I’ve also loved spending more time with my dog. Having her here has pushed me to get outside for a walk every day and appreciate where I live so much more. It’s been lovely to have a little extra time in the morning too, being able to head out for a walk or do some house jobs before logging on.

I’ve also realised how close the Purple team are too, we might not be in the office together but I know they’re still there for a help or a catch up when needed. We’re all cracking on doing our own work on projects but we can all still pull together to help each other and celebrate successes despite the distance! Jess and I still work really closely together as she gets closer to qualifying, but it’s been great to see her answer more of her own questions through research, as I’ve not been sat next to her!

I definitely miss seeing the team in person and the general chat in the office with far too many Dad jokes from Phil and Allan! Sometimes working in my spare bedroom is just too quiet and I want to hear about Kieran’s latest DJ gig or Scarlett's new makeup purchases!


I cannot believe that we have all been working from home for 5 whole months. Initially it was a very new and strange experience to us all, however I feel that we have adapted both as individuals and as a company brilliantly. I have learnt an important lesson whilst working from home and that Is to never take things for granted. Here at purple we have an amazing team, and not being able to physically see them in all this time has reminded me of how much I rely on these guys. Even though they are only a click away, not having them there for regular catch ups about day to day things and the latest Netflix binge worthy box sets makes working from home quite a lonely place.


Working from home has been a real learning curve for me, especially with going into lockdown less than 5 months into starting my job at Purple - it’s hard to believe I’ve now spent more time working from home than in the office!

Working from home has really pushed me to take ownership of both my work and my learning, without an office full of team mates on hand to answer any and every question and uncertainty, I’ve had to trust my judgement more and gained lots of independence. At first it was super daunting to think I’d be on my own but I got used to it quickly, especially with the entire team being only a message or phone call away. It’s certainly not the same being at home and not seeing everyone every day though, I’ve really missed the positive office vibe and daily chats with the team.

I’ve also learnt that in fact there are enough hours in the day - it’s just how you spend them that make them count. The time I would usually spend getting ready and commuting, I’ve spent reading my huge pile of books that often went unnoticed pre lockdown. I’ve always loved reading, but I ‘never had time’ for it until lockdown. I’ve since got stuck back into reading and now know it’s something I need to make time for going forward - I’ve even created an Instagram account dedicated to all things book related!


February 2020 was the start of a new job, new challenge, new people - exciting times ahead with the Purple Team.  How little did I realise that it would be a rollercoaster induction! Four weeks later and Purple Offices were brought to a halt with the announcement of the UK Lockdown. 

I’ve made myself  treat my new ‘office’ as a real workstation and to accept that my working day would be different but nonetheless interesting and fulfilling. I do yoga to kick start my day before enjoying a healthy breakfast then armed with a coffee in my office mug, begin the day with an online shout out to all my colleagues. Exploits from the weekend or previous evenings are shared and it really makes me feel part of a caring, friendly team. Work has been my salvation to be honest and treating my home office as the Purple Office has kept me focussed.

Once the tasks for the day are completed, it’s time for a walk in the countryside. Lockdown has allowed me to focus on my health which gives me a real ‘buzz’. I’ve kept up my morning yoga regime and can certainly tell the difference. I’ve really got into vegetarian cookery too (Amazon has certainly had a hit with the recipe books I have purchased), and my experience with a cheeky early evening Gin has taken me from Pear Drop to Seville Oranges – both highly recommended.


When I officially became a Purple person, I found myself trying to think how I would now adapt to another change in circumstance during lockdown, having been furloughed for the first 9 weeks and then back to full time employment at a fabulous local deli/ takeaway, I was now, in a sense, combining the two by working from home.

I had a few weeks to prepare and I knew that in order to work most effectively I needed a space dedicated to working. So, I set up my new desk in my bedroom in front of the window, facing away from the comforts of my bed, my books and current box set binge, Downton Abbey (I know I’m late to the party).

I’ve surprised myself at how fast I’ve adapted to working from home, having never done it before. I feel university taught me a great deal of self-discipline and independent learning, which is proving to help me massively as I take on this new position.

Huge credit goes without saying, to the Purple team. They have mastered working from home and tailored it in such a way that I feel I am in the office, what with our daily hangouts chats and constant nurturing from Scarlett, as she shows me the ropes, virtually. They really have done an incredible job and stepped up to the challenge. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome - Bear Grylls would be proud of the Purple team!

Despite us all working from home, it’s still business as usual from the Purple team - busy behind the scenes building websites, hosting Zoom calls with clients, crafting relaunch social media campaigns and taking on new projects! If you think there’s something we could help you with, then please feel free to get in touch and see how we can support you and your business online - no matter where you are!


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