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5 things to consider before designing your logo 🎨

Did you happen to see the first episode of The Apprentice last week? For those of you who didn’t, there was a task set for the candidates to create a marketing campaign for a new cruise line. A huge part of that task was to create a brand for this company - queue the design work!

The most important message we gained from watching was how crucial a strong brand is and at the core of that is a solid logo design that speaks for itself and conveys the overall brand identity. 

In order to succeed in developing a strong logo, we feel there are a few elements to consider and take some time thinking about. The more ideas you have when you start designing your own logo, or begin conversations with a designer or the likes of ourselves here at Purple, the better the initial concepts will be. 

Here are the 5 aspects we think you should think about when brainstorming your logo

Brand Identity

A good place to start when creating a logo is making sure you have given thought to your overall brand identity. This can seem quite daunting at first but we hope that the following questions will help you start to build a clear picture of who you and your business are. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why did you start the business? 
  • What are your core beliefs and values?
  • What makes your business unique?
  • What 3 words would you use to describe your business?
  • How would you like your customers to describe your business?

When you begin to ask yourself these questions, you may start to visualise various elements that you think are important in expressing your business. These elements might be colours, shapes, style or specific fonts too. All the things we’re about to touch on as they are integral parts of building a successful logo design. 


Colours are extremely important and in some instances the colour for your brand is a no brainer, but not in all cases. It may interest you to know that there is psychology behind colour and each colour has a different meaning and feeling associated with it. If you would like your brand to identify with certain ideologies, it may be worth looking at the psychology behind colours. 

We often use a great tool provided by Canva. Follow this link to discover the meaning of your brand colour.


Shapes are equally important to think about. When you think about your business, do you visualise clean, sharp straight edges, like a square or triangle; or perhaps you picture more soft, round, fluid lines. These two approaches can create very different results so can be pivotal in your decision making. 


A few examples...


Yet another important aspect of your logo is the font or fonts in some cases, because we don’t want to forget to include our business name on the logo… 

There are different styles of font you can use and you want this to compliment your logo, resonate with your business and encapsulate your brand. The types of fonts you may want to consider are:

Serif, Sans serif, Display and Handwriting

Each has their own feel and character about them. The thing about fonts is that there are so many of them, so you may be thinking “well where do I start?” - Hold that thought, we know a really useful online tool, to use, to cast your net into the infinity pool of fonts; that tool is Google Fonts. You can type your own text and see what that word or phrase looks like in different styles, weights, angles and widths. 


The style element of your brainstorming process is much less specific than the elements we have covered so far. Though more often than not, the style may be defined once you have decided on your colours, fonts and shapes, and that may make you think “what do you mean by style?”. 

What we mean is, what is the overarching look you want to achieve with your logo? Should it be classic in style, modern, vintage, quirky, have a handmade feel? 

By the time you have given thought to each of these elements, we hope you feel more confident about where to begin when either creating your own logo design or briefing a graphic designer with the project. 

If logo design is something that you want to look at further in 2022 and would like our help and guidance, get in touch and chat to one of our friendly members of the team. 

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