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A New Website for Beads & ME!

We hope you’re settled with a brew in hand and ready to read all about today’s website launch! Today’s website is especially close to our hearts as it showcases the amazing talent of Allan’s daughter Jazz and her business, Beads & ME! 

Who are Beads & ME? 

Jazz creates the most wonderful, unique and handcrafted pieces of jewellery, some of which are one of a kind! Beads & ME was established back in February 2019 and was an extremely liberating moment for Jazz as it gave her a new lease of life after being diagnosed with the chronic illness, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), otherwise known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), in 2014. Jazz struggled to find a path that accommodated her daily struggle with ME. That was until she fell back in love with creating jewellery after stumbling across old beading equipment during a big clear out. 

ME is an illness that isn’t greatly known about, yet is a huge part of Jazz’s, and around 200,000 other people’s lives in the UK. That is why Beads & ME is determined to spread awareness and donate a percentage of sales to ME research! 

How We Helped... 

Jazz wanted a website where she could showcase her beautiful earrings and necklaces for you all to see and treat yourself, or a loved one, to. We created a clean and simple shop that makes the whole process, from browsing to making a purchase, smooth sailing.  

Also, as raising the awareness of ME was a big priority for Jazz, there is information throughout the site, as well as a blog, which Jazz can’t wait to start filling with all things jewellery, ME and general day to day life. 

Take a look over at Beads & ME’s new website and see what you think of Jazz’s new online presence, and of course her fabulous jewellery! 

We loved developing this website, like all the websites we create. It is all the more  rewarding knowing that more people will become aware of ME and it is yet another small independent business that we have been able to help and can now function well online - we all know how crucial this has been in 2020. 

If getting your business online is something you need help with, we’re here and ready to delve into new projects. We always love hearing from you and helping where we can. So, if we can help you and your business in any way, please get in touch 😊

Beads & ME Go Live Graphic

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