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Amanda's First Year at Purple!

Somehow, 12 months have now passed since Amanda joined the Purple team as our office administrator - and what a 12 months it has been!

It was a rocky ride from the start with her first day delayed due to snow last February, then less than a month into her role she was forced to work from home due to the COVID 19 pandemic! However, nothing has dampened Amanda's spirits so today we’re celebrating her 1st Purple Birthday by hearing a little more about her, what she gets up to from her home office and her experience of Purple so far.

Having worked full time for myself and others, I took a long hard look at the path my life was taking and decided I needed to put the ‘fun’ back in. 


“Fun is one of the most important and underrated ingredients in any successful venture.  If you’re not having fun, then it’s probably time to call it quits and try something else.”  

And I did!

I knew what I was good at and that I had transferable skills that would hopefully be beneficial to a local company.  I had clear ideas of where I wanted to work and the hours I wanted to dedicate to a job but I had little idea of the type of business.  Christmas 2019, a mad notion to check out local jobs and the rest is history.  The job description that jumped out from Purple could have been written for me and a year on I still feel it was the perfect decision.

Starting a new job, regardless of age and experience is a scary time but starting a new job with Purple felt like meeting a group of friends.  Having spent only four weeks in the ‘official office’ before working from home, was potentially going to be a huge challenge for me to develop and build relationships but my concerns were soon appeased.  Weekly catch ups via video - Zoom is the new office coffee break, meant that I was able to not only talk to everyone but see them too.  Throw in a mix of online quizzes. book clubs, phone catch ups, regular WhatsApp banter, socially distanced treats to the door and what can you say -  a company who cares, what more could you wish for? 

My Home Office

2020 has been for everyone, one of the most unusual, crazy and at times frustrating and sad years but having a job that I love, with people who make work not feel like work has kept me sane and focussed.  Being involved in a new industry, having spent most of my life in education and construction, has been a learning curve for me.  So many new acronyms and lingo, who would guess I could now chat about DNN, plug ins, back ends, widgets and SEO.  I have a lovely job working closely with Phil, the MD and ‘Spreadsheet/Word Master’. I am constantly pestering him to release some of the onerous administration jobs that he has always carried out and in doing so, hopefully lightening the load.  My work is varied but organising and developing administrative systems to streamline what is already a professionally run business gives me a real buzz.  Recently I have been involved in searching and reviewing potential tenders and being part of the marketing team has made me feel even closer to my colleagues.  I love it when we win a new contract - shame we can’t ring the bell (an office thing!) but we do all celebrate and the praise given to each other is genuine.

In Summary

My year at Purple has been a rollercoaster both personally and professionally.  From the outset I felt included and valued, something that isn't always freely given but it’s just how Purple ‘roll’. Moving house could have been traumatic if my colleagues hadn't been so supportive - all I will say is internet providers need to watch out if I ever meet any of them!  The future will hopefully mean we can get back to our beautiful offices in the Aske Stables, enjoy our lunchtime walks and the occasional game of darts and ping pong... and obviously work on some more fabulous projects.

We’d like to say a huge well done and thank you to Amanda from all of us at Purple - for supporting us all to deliver the services we aim to at the highest standard possible and the constant positivity and fun you spread within the group! Here's to many more years of you being part of the team - and hopefully much more time spent together rather than apart.



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