12/09/2022 - Are you using the ‘Add Reminder’ feature on your Instagram posts? | Website Blog | Purple Creative Studio
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Are you using the ‘Add Reminder’ feature on your Instagram posts?

If you have never used it before, this blog is for you, we will be breaking down what it is, where to find it, and when to use it. Keep reading if you want to learn more about this new way to add additional value to your posts.

What is the ‘Add Reminder’ feature?

The Add Reminder feature is a new addition to Instagram feed posts that allows you to provide followers with more information when you are posting about an event you are running. Using the add reminder feature will allow you to add an event name and start and end date to accompany your post.


Where is the ‘Add Reminder’ feature?

You will find this new feature when you are posting to your feed just below the ‘Location’ tags. Clicking ‘Add Reminder’ will open up a new screen where you will be prompted to add your event details.


What does this look like on a post?

Adding a reminder to a post will display a small calendar and date icon in the bottom left corner of your image post. When clicked, this displays the full event details and also a ‘Remind Me’ button that will send a user notification when the event is coming up!


When should I use this feature?

This feature is a great way to add additional, useful, information to your posts and is great for any business that is holding on or offline events. Whether it’s an opening night or a webinar, having a way to remind your customers is a really useful tool for small businesses and one we would encourage you to use.

What do you think of this new feature? Will this change or improve how you market your events? What would you like to see Instagram roll out next? Let us know over on our Instagram, we would love to have this conversation with other small businesses! 

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