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Blogging Tips: Distributing your Content

This is the fifth blog post in our Blogging Tips series, and now that we’ve detailed a few useful tips and tricks for the creation of your blog posts, we can move on to discuss the ways to distribute your content, where to share it and how to get it in front of your reader!

Once all the hard work of writing is done, this is the easy part! But, don’t let all that hard work go to waste, you’ve got to get a thoughtful distribution plan in place to ensure your brilliant blog post gets seen! After all, you wouldn’t paint a work of art and lock it away in your garden shed, would you? 

Social Media

One of your first ports of call, and most obvious, when it comes to sharing your blog content is social media! Social media, in particular Facebook and LinkedIn, is great for sharing your blog posts as this is one of the places where you already have an engaged and interested audience. So by sharing your content with them in a simple and easy way, you can drive visitors to your site with content they are interested in. This can be done in a couple of ways:

Direct link

The first and most common (although not bad) way to share blog posts is by sharing the direct and clickable link in a social media post. A direct link would simply be sharing the URL of your blog post in a post on social media, perhaps with a little bit of an intro as to what the blog is about to draw your readers in. This is a super easy way to let people know you’ve recently shared a blog post and gives them the opportunity to click straight through to the content. 

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Share snippets

If you want to get a bit more creative, or share a piece of content in a different format, you could create an infographic or short video to tease the blog piece, and intrigue readers to find out more. Perhaps you could create a graphic of an interesting quote or stat that readers can learn more about in your blog post!

Email Marketing

Another of our favourites when it comes to sharing blog posts is utilising email marketing! With email marketing, you already have an interested and invested audience who are signed up to hear from you - whether that’s about company updates, top tips, or early access to product launches and offers.

Email marketing can be used in a number of ways when it comes to sharing blog content. Here are a couple of our suggestions:

Newsletters and round ups

If you send out monthly/weekly newsletters to your subscribers, this is a great place to incorporate and share your most recent blog posts with your audience. When sharing a number of blog posts in one mailout, it’s important to not go into too much detail about each piece - offer a summary of the posts you’ve shared and how they’ll benefit the reader. Perhaps if you’re going to be blogging regularly, you could even send our regular round ups to let people know what you’ve been writing about and keep them up to date with your content. 

Individual updates

Instead of a compilation of blog posts, you could send your subscribers an email update for every new post (or particularly important post) published, letting them know what the post is about, summarise a few key points, maybe share a couple of stats and how the piece can benefit them. This is great for when you have a really relevant or specific blog post that you know will be beneficial or interesting to your audience. Try segmenting your email subscribers by interest, so you know who would like to know about what. That way, if you’ve written a piece centred around a particular niche or problem, you know exactly who will want to know about it!


Forums like Reddit and Quora are huge online conversation hotspots, where you can join in on hot topics and give your two pennies worth. The fantastic thing about forums is that there truly is a corner of the online sphere for just about every niche, from Lego Masters to Mum bloggers, there’s a space for everyone. 

Once you’ve found your target audience on a forum, it can become a gold mine for driving traffic to your website as you can target very specific audiences and share your content with them. But there’s one thing to be careful of - forum users hate spammers! So, if you’re looking to incorporate forum posting into your marketing plan you need to be careful, the trick is to NOT market...

Extra Tools

Here are a couple of extra tools we like to use to offer users more opportunities to hear about and engage with our content: 


One of Instagram’s downfalls is the inability to share clickable links in your posts, and we often have to direct people with the classic ‘hit the link in our bio’. The only thing with putting the link to your most recent post in the bio means that each blog post only gets a short time in the spotlight, and users may get lost when trying to find the link. Linktree is a simple way to connect your audience to all of your content with just one link. You can include numerous links to create a launchpad to your website, your 3 latest blog posts, a video you created and more!


Email Signatures

A super simple way to share your blog posts in a simple and non-direct way is by adding a link to your latest post in your email signature. That way, each person you email will receive the opportunity to take a look at your post. Make sure you signpost it clearly with a call to action so it doesn’t get lost!


Subscribers.com is a free tool that allows you to add push notifications to your site, that are delivered directly to your visitors' screens. It helps you to re-engage your visitors as well as keep subscribers up to date with your content. 



So there we have it, some super simple ways to share your blog content to ensure it gets seen by as many interested readers as possible - that way it can have a bigger impact!  Don't forget to take a look at the other posts in our Blogging Tips series to get your strategy perfected, in the meantime, if you’d like support with blog writing or anything in the realm of digital marketing, please do get in touch and our team will be happy to help!


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