22/11/2023 - How you can improve information sharing within your business using your website | Website Blog | Purple Creative Studio
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How you can improve information sharing within your business using your website

For most businesses, the primary goal for their website is to provide a great user experience for customers, but they overlook how it can also help assist with, and possibly improve, day to day business operations.

The website we built for you is probably more powerful and capable than you realise.

Some of our clients extend the use of their website to also use it as an Intranet sharing internal resources and helping staff to collaborate more efficiently.

Recently, we helped a local business do just that, by implementing a Document Manager on their website that can be accessed by staff who are split between the office and remote working.

With more and more businesses offering hybrid working, having shared access to business information becomes essential to keeping things running well.

Whilst services such as SharePoint are great, they come with hefty licence costs that soon add up!

Solutions such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox all work well but tend to carry an admin and setup overhead making configuration a bit of a challenge.

Our web based Document Manager function plugs straight into your existing website and offers the same great features of these more expensive platforms at a fraction of the cost.

Some of the features that we think make this a great addition to your website include:

  • Controlled access for your user helping you to make sure files are only available to those authorised to access them
  • Define who can create folders and upload files
  • Create different access levels such as Directors, Managers, Users and more…
  • Preview function on PDFs to give quick access to documents and information - this also avoids downloading the wrong document or cluttering up your local system
  • Log file download activity
  • The ability to disable downloads on specific documents to ensure they aren’t circulated without permission
  • Upload multiple file types such as PDF’s, Word documents, Excel sheets, graphics

These are just a few examples of how a document manager can help improve the way you share files within your organisation and make your website a more powerful tool for your business.

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