27/07/2021 - Improving your website with integrated video 📊 | Website Blog | Purple Creative Studio
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Improving your website with integrated video 📊

Platforms like Instagram and YouTube are hot on the heels of TikTok with their own answer to short-form content in the shape of reels and shorts and there are more ways than ever to use video to enhance your marketing messages. But how can you embrace this video first approach when it comes to your website? This blog is all about tips for using video content to educate and excite your audience on your website, resulting in longer and more engaged visits and higher conversion rates. 

This blog is crammed full of tips on how you can utilise your existing video content, if you’d like tips on how to create short-form video, Jess has a blog dedicated to just that! 

If you are still reading we will assume you have some great video footage, but how can you really maximise that asset? Here are some of the ways I have seen businesses effectively use their video content…

Video Banners 📹

Video banners are one of the most popular ways that businesses use video footage on their website and for good reason. They create a fantastic first impression and provide an eye catching visual that draws users in and generally keeps them engaged for longer than a static image. If you are thinking of a video banner, here are a few things to remember: Keep it short and sweet, a video that loops with no more than 20 seconds of footage provides the perfect blend of aesthetic benefit without slowing load speeds. Keep it quiet too, for video that autoplays, sound is a big no no as it is distracting and will often catch a user by surprise! If you have a number of video files you might want to consider creating a short composition that gives a flavour for all the different sides of your business.

Product Videos 🛒

The number of retailers offering online shopping has accelerated over the years and even more so with the pandemic forcing shop closures and sending customers online, and one way retailers can stand out is through enhanced product listings. One way to enhance your product listings is to add a video of the product. Online shopping giants like ASOS do this very effectively with short catwalk style videos of their products that allows users to see angles of the product that are hard to capture in a static image. They help build trust and are a persuasive selling tool that is well worth considering if you are looking forways to increase your sales.

Meet the Team 👋

People like to know the faces behind a business and replacing those traditional staff pictures and bios with a video that introduces the team creates a great opportunity to bring more of the personality of your team into how you do business. Having a video of the team much like with product videos, builds trust with users. They can see that there is a real team behind the output and start building relationships before they have even got in touch!

We hope these ideas have given some food for thought on how you can use video to create a more engaging experience on your websites and help your offering stand out in a crowded market. 

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