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International Day of Happiness

Happy International Day of Happiness! 

In a world filled with deadlines, meetings and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's essential to take a moment to celebrate the simple joys that bring brightness to our days. Today, as we celebrate International Day of Happiness, we’re looking at the important things to us at Purple that promote our happiness in both our professional and personal lives.

There are many benefits to a happy workforce, and we believe a happy team is a productive team, in fact, it’s proven! The University of Warwick found that workplace happiness leads to a 12% increase in productivity.

Not only that, it’s also much nicer to come to a happy workplace with positive colleagues. 

To help promote happiness at work, foster a positive culture, and support each other’s wellbeing, there are lots of things we do as a team; here's a glimpse into what makes our office a hub of happiness:

Daily Yoga Sessions:

We kickstart both our morning and afternoon with a short burst of yoga led by Amanda; the whole team joins in and these moments not only combat the impacts of sitting at a desk but also promote physical and mental health by taking time out to decompress and focus on our breathing.

Film and Book Clubs:

One evening each month we get together to watch a film chosen by a member of the team. It’s a great chance to unwind and have a giggle (or hide behind a cushion depending on the film choice!). We also spend a lot of our lunchtimes head-down in the latest Zetland Esttae book club pick. This month we’re reading An Aura of Mystery by Joy Ellis.

Support Career Development:

We prioritise the growth and training of our team members too, supporting them to choose their own development path. Whether it's through mentorship programs, workshops, or providing resources for further education, we ensure that everyone has sufficient challenge and the opportunity to thrive in their role.

Friday Pulse:

To keep our finger on the pulse of the office atmosphere, we make use of Friday Pulse - an employee wellbeing and happiness tool! Each Friday, everyone receives an email to comment on their week anonymously; there’s space to celebrate wins, thank colleagues, share frustrations and more. It’s a great way to keep in touch with everyone’s thoughts and opinions while reflecting on the week!

Table Football and Skyjo Games:

When it’s time for a mental break, you’ll find us playing table football or in the midst of a game of Skyjo. Two very different games, but both are so much fun and include some healthy competition!

Lunchtime Walks:

We take advantage of our gorgeous location on the stunning Aske Estate and stretch our legs on a lunchtime, getting some well-needed fresh air! It’s usually when we catch up about the weekend and discuss the week’s tea options - what’re you having tonight? 

Yorkshire Tea and Treats:

A constant supply of Yorkshire Tea is the real secret weapon to our happiness  - or at least it is to Sarah’s! And, of course, the treat trolley takes centre stage in the office, with lots of yummy pick-me-ups that go perfectly with a brew.


There’s not a day that goes by without having a good laugh and there’s always chatter in the office, whether we’re nattering about weekend plans or celebrating personal milestones like birthdays or moving home.

On this International Happiness Day, we invite you to join us in celebrating the little things that bring joy into our lives. By making happiness and wellbeing a priority we are not only more productive putting positivity towards our projects, but also our team enjoy coming to work and spending time with one another!

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