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Jess' Apprenticeship Diary
Jess has now been part of the Purple team for 9 months and despite the fact she has spent almost 5 months working from home, she’s still learning and taking on more and more client tasks. Here she tells us what she’s been up to and why we’re now calling her the Queen of Mailchimp!

It’s been such a crazy few months that I almost didn’t realise it was time for another Apprenticeship Diary - it's hard to believe I’ve been with Purple for 9 months now, as the time has just flown by. We’ve been so busy helping business get back on their feet, all while I’ve been completing my studies too! So to let everyone know what I’ve been up to at Purple and with Apprentify recently, I'm back with another apprenticeship update.

What I’ve been up to

Although I’ve now been working with Purple and Apprentify for 9 months, I’m still learning new skills. I’m often finding things that I’m not sure how to do, which is really exciting as it means there are still so many new things to learn as I continue my apprenticeship. While working as part of our Digital Marketing team with Emma, I've also been able to take ownership of some more clients and work, and it’s been lovely to build relationships with some new clients! 

Over the last few months, I’ve spent a lot of my time in MailChimp, a digital tool used for Email Marketing. It’s such a useful tool for businesses, as it allows you to send out branded emails to a mass audience, without losing that personal touch. It’s been really interesting to get to know the platform better, creating email templates and uploading contacts for our clients! I’ve also hosted my first few training sessions with clients over Zoom, showing them around the MailChimp platform and how to utilise it for their business. It was daunting at first, but once I got stuck in I really enjoyed it!

As I mentioned in my last apprenticeship diary, it’s impossible to give you an update without mentioning the impact of Covid-19 on my training and being an apprentice during a global pandemic. In my last update back in May, I mentioned how I was looking forward to getting back into the office and working with the team again, and I hoped that by the next three-month update we would be back in the office - but unfortunately we’re all still working from home.

Something I’ve realised, is that of the 9 months I’ve now been with Purple, half of this time has been spent working from home! Although it’s been a huge adjustment, I think that I’ve learnt skills working from home that I otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to if we were still in the office. By working from home, we’ve had to host our Digital Marketing workshops online via Zoom, where I was able to not only present online for the first time, but it was the first time I’d presented one of our workshops at all! It was unusual doing it over Zoom, but I feel like it was a good way to break me into it, before we start doing workshops in person again.

Working with Apprentify

Luckily all of my training with Apprentify is remote, so I’ve been able to continue my learning as normal - just with lots of online video calls rather than the face-to-face meetings with my Development Coach!

In my last update, I was heading towards completing my Principles of Coding module and toward sitting my exam. This was probably the module I had the least knowledge of prior to the classroom sessions, so it was a little daunting and the content was pretty tough - but also really interesting. I have since completed the module and have been able to sit my exam. I wasn’t sure how my exam would go ahead given the current circumstances, but I was able to sit it at home invigilated over Zoom and I’m pleased to say I passed!This month I finished my last classroom session for my mandatory training with Apprentify, which was the Google Analytics module, a platform that allows us to track, assess and report on website traffic. I found this module really interesting, and I can see where it can be put to use for lots of our clients. At the end of the classroom sessions, I was able to sit my exam to gain the GA Individual Qualification, which I passed last week!

What’s next?

So, I’ve now completed all my mandatory training for my apprenticeship, and the next steps are getting my End Point Assessment together, which includes a portfolio showcasing all the skills I’ve gained over the course of my learning, as well as an interview and a synoptic project. I’ll also be doing a ‘Path to Mastery’ with Apprentify, which allows me to gain more specialist knowledge in a certain area, such as Search Marketing and Social Advertising which I think will be really interesting and especially useful for some of our clients!

As I head towards the final stages of my apprenticeship and the end of my first year with Purple and Apprentify, it’s great to look back at all the things I’ve learnt over the duration of the last 9 months - who knows what the next 3 months will bring? Make sure you check in in November to hear what I’ve been up to as I reach the 12-month mark of my apprenticeship!

If there's anything you think I could help with, or just want to find out more about the digital marketing services we offer our clients, please get in touch!

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