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Jess' Apprenticeship Diary

It doesn’t feel like 5 minutes since Jess joined us here at Purple, but somehow, she has now been with us for over 6 months! We may now be working from home, but that hasn’t stopped her from looking after clients through this uncertain time as well as staying on top of her Apprenticeship work and even being awarded Apprentice of the Quarter. Here Jess lets us know what she’s been up to both before and during lockdown!

I can’t quite believe it, but I’ve now been here with the team at Purple for 6 months! Since I started working with Purple back in October, the time seems to have flown by. I’ve been so busy learning lots of new things in the realm of Digital Marketing and meeting more clients across North Yorkshire! To let everyone know what I’ve been up to at Purple and with Apprentify, I'm back with another apprentice diary!

What I’ve been up to

Since my last diary update, things have been slightly less of a whirlwind now that I’m more settled in my role with more of a routine in place. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve still been very busy, but things have been much simpler now that I’ve had chance to put my new skills to the test. It’s been lovely to focus on getting to know my clients and building relationships with them, and I’ve even been able to meet a few more of them too!

We’ve also been able to host more Digital Marketing workshops for local businesses to come and learn the basics of social media and email marketing, at home on the Aske Estate. This time around I was able to offer more support to businesses and share my knowledge with them, it was really nice to be able to offer my help. I’ve been loving meeting more and more people, learning about their businesses and putting faces to names! Hopefully we’ll be able to host more of these in the future and continue to support more local businesses from around Richmondshire.

It would also be impossible for me to write this update without mentioning the impact of Covid-19 on my training and being an apprentice during a global pandemic. Luckily, working for a digital agency means we are able to work from home, we’ve just had to make a few adjustments! I have definitely learnt a lot while working from home, as I’ve had to become more independent and learn things for myself - it’s much harder now to quickly ask Emma questions now that she’s not at the other side of my desk! She’s still there to help me when needed, but the distance has definitely prompted me to seek more answers for myself.

It has been a learning curve in terms of marketing and my role too. Within the team we are having to adapt our ways of working and be more reactive with the content we create for clients, we’ve certainly been kept on our toes! But it has also raised opportunities for us to try new things, as a couple of weeks ago we hosted our first webinar for businesses! We looked at how to create engaging social media graphics with designer Rory Davenport. We’re hoping to host more webinars in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for any updates!

Working with Apprentify

All of my training with Apprentify is remote too so I’m able to continue my learning and assessments while working from home. I’m really fortunate that things can continue to run so smoothly. My online classroom sessions with Apprentify have continued too, and I’ve just finished my second Knowledge Module for the course! When I wrote my last update, I was yet to sit my first exam with Apprentify on Marketing Principles, and I’m really pleased to say I passed! Since then, I’ve moved onto my Principles of Coding module where I’ve been learning all about website development and how to write code, which were totally new skills for me! I’ll be sitting the exam for that module in the next couple of weeks, so fingers crossed it goes as smoothly for me as the last one did.

Next week, I’ll be starting the classroom sessions for Google Analytics, where we’ll be looking into website traffic and learn more about web customers. It’s also a great way to analyse the impact that our efforts on social media have on building website traffic. I’m really excited to get started on this module!

A couple of weeks ago, I was also approached by my development coach, Gemma, to assist her and Scott at Apprentify in recording a video with the Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership. The video is aimed at year 11 to 13 pupils and explains all there is to know about apprenticeships and Apprentify. It was my job to give the students an insight into apprentice life and how I got to where I am today!

Cheshire and Warrington Apprentify from Learn Live on Vimeo.

I recently found out too that I’ve been lucky enough to be awarded Apprentify’s Apprentice of the Quarter, which is a huge achievement and I’m so proud that the team at Purple and Apprentify have been pleased with my work and commitment so far!

What’s Next

As I head into the second half of my apprenticeship it’s time to start thinking about getting my portfolio ready for my end point assessment. So, I’ll be starting to compile some of my best work, to show off to the examiner what I’ve learnt and all the effort I’ve put in throughout my apprenticeship. I’m really looking forward to going through all the work I’ve completed for both Purple and Apprentify and seeing how far I’ve come. Most of all though, I’m excited to get back into the office and start working with the team again! Hopefully, by the next three-month update we’ll be back in our lovely office, make sure you check in then to hear what I’ve been up to as I reach the 9-month mark of my apprenticeship!

If there's anything you think I could help with, or just want to find out more about the digital marketing services we offer our clients, please get in touch!

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