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Lauren's 6 month update!

Heya, me again! 👋

Wow, 6 months already!

I honestly can't believe I have been with Purple for 6 months. It feels like yesterday that I was writing my 3 month update but here we are! I feel like I have progressed my skills further than I thought I could at the three-month mark which I am super happy with.

What I have been up to

I am so grateful to have been working with my lovely clients on their social media, blog content and graphic design! It has been great getting to know them in more depth and meeting people face to face for a nice chat and a brew ☕ There is never a dull moment with having such a wide range of industries that I am currently working with, from catering to holiday accommodation and even architecture. Some really interesting “insider” knowledge comes along with having such a diverse portfolio of clients, and I have really enjoyed getting to know more about each and every one of them!

As you might remember from some of my earlier blogs I felt that I wanted to brush up on my copywriting skills. Thankfully I myself as well as others have already seen an improvement in this area which I am super happy with! I do have to say though, all of the tips and tricks that Jess as well as my Apprentify development coach, Sharon, have given me over the last few months have definitely helped. So, a big thank you to both of you! Who knows I might even write a book! - no, probably not 😝 However, I do wish I could say the same for my table football skills… There is still time I guess.

I am well underway with my apprenticeship work and I am currently gearing up for my first exam, eek! So as you can imagine my dining table is scattered with revision material and flashcards! I am also in the early stages of putting my portfolio together and very excited about my upcoming class on the principles of coding!

What's next

I am looking forward to getting to know my clients even more and being part of exciting new journeys that 2024 will bring!

As I mentioned earlier, I am heading into the principles of coding unit in my apprenticeship which I am hesitant about purely because I have never been a number/ academic kind of gal (the creative subjects like Art, Dance and Design were my thing so very much the opposite of academic!) but I'm sure with the continued support from everyone at Purple as well as the Apprentify team they will guide me in the right direction

Overall I am really looking forward to further improvements in my abilities so stay tuned- I'll be back! 🤖

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