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Maisy Joins Purple!

Maisy is taking on the new role of Apprentice Account Executive and will be getting on the job training alongside her apprenticeship to help equip her with all the skills to project manage new websites for the fantastic clients we work with. Maisy has shared her journey to date in her own words…

As you can imagine, it has been the strangest first week in a new job and in a field that I am extremely new to and one I will be  learning about all from the comfort of my bedroom here in Hawes. But I can honestly say I’m amazed and extremely grateful about how a part of the team I feel already, thanks to everyone making me feel so welcome. Having web calls with the team throughout the week and continuous general chit chat each day in the Team group messenger gives a feel of being in the office together, maintaining that close bond that I know the Purple team to be famous for. Even during these unprecedented times it’s the bond and atmosphere that really made me desire to be a Purple person.   

So how on earth did I get here? Let’s track back!

I attended Wensleydale School, in Leyburn, all the way through to achieving my A-levels in 2014. At this point I still felt very unsure of my future and what I actually wanted to do so I pursued my interest in Photography which I’d slowing integrated into my Art A-level work at the time.

This lead me to enrol onto a 2 year B-TEC course at Cleveland College of Art and Design (now known as The Northern School of Art) in Middlesbrough, but from Hawes that would have been a crazy commute, so I made the decision to move closer. My brother and his now wife SO kindly let me stay with them while I studied as they lived in the lovely seaside town of Salturn-by-the-sea and I look back now and think how amazing they are for letting me live with them (I was very lucky). It all payed off too, as I earned Distinction* across the board.

It felt natural from there to continue my studies in Photography and pursue a degree, so then found myself spending the next three years living and studying in Manchester, at Manchester School of Art. Manchester was a far cry from the small town of Hawes, which was a big shock but having that huge contrast in society, culture and general surroundings really helped me grow in so many ways. During this whirlwind time I studied hard and was lucky enough to have exhibited work in Manchester Art Gallery, contributed in various group exhibitions with my peers,  had my work selected by external companies and worked in association with large corporations- all alongside meeting fab friends, making memories and discovering all the food delivery services (I could get pie on demand- I love steak pie!) All in all, a really rewarding and exciting time for me.  

Come the summer of 2019 I was now a graduate, and for the first time in my life I wasn’t going back to a place of education after the summer and with that lead to a huge mixed bag of feelings. I moved back home to the Yorkshire Dales and sat and posed the question of ‘what now?’.

It made sense to promote my photography and see where that might take me, but I didn’t feel professional, I needed an identity for myself, my work and the brand I envisioned; and so began my journey with Purple Creative Studio.

I am a big believer in all things happening for a reason and this was one of those things. With a strong reassurance that it was a hard decision for the Purple team, I was assured that I’d be kept on their radar, which was the biggest compliment.

After my first meeting with Sarah and Emma about a logo design, I left feeling so uplifted and had a real admiration for the team and the atmosphere they have created in the office. One of my first thoughts was ‘How good would it be to work there!’  and it made me question whether entering self-employment was the right move for me, especially when deep down, I knew I hadn’t finished learning and wanted more for my life. So, whilst picking up part-time work, receiving little photography shoots here and there and constantly browsing Indeed, I stumbled across an apprenticeship… WITH PURPLE, so I jumped on it! Excited and nervous about this potential new chapter, I went through the motions of interviews and a taster day, but sadly this was not my time (don’t be sad, it gets better!) I am a big believer in all things happening for a reason and this was one of those things. With a strong reassurance that it was a hard decision for the Purple team, I was assured that I’d be kept on their radar, which was the biggest compliment.

Fast forward to Lockdown 2020 (yikes) and out of the blue, after finishing up with a Joe Wicks workout, I received a call from Scarlett, putting the feelers out about a potential new role with them later in the year, I was absolutely shocked and delighted, and there was that uplifted feeling once again- clearly it travels through the phone too!

Come mid-June, the offer of Apprentice Accounts Executive was offered and with consideration of what the role entailed and my capabilities, I eagerly snatched it up (tip: take every opportunity that comes your way), and as they say, the rest was history!

I am truly ecstatic about this new chapter and keen to get delved into the role and settle myself into the team. A week in and I feel I’m learning so so much already and like I’ve said I also already feel integrated into the team- even from my bedroom… from a new comer’s point of view, they have mastered working from home, although I can’t wait to get into the office. I feel confident that working from home will not hinder my learning and working experience and  motivation as the team are so open and attentive, I might be sat on my own, but I’m not alone; and until that time comes when we do return to the office, I’ll simply have to perfect my brew making skills, as after all that is the most important skill to bring to the team!       

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