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Maisy's 10th Month at Purple! 🌟

I’ve said it once (or maybe a million times) and I’ll say it again, I cannot believe how much time is flying. I had the sudden realisation this month that I was THIS far into my apprenticeship when one of my Development Coaches told me that I only have 1 more virtual classroom session left. This stunned me. One more classroom session left before heading towards my qualification of Junior Content Producer 😱 How exciting is that! 

Month 10 has followed suit and kept me very busy, it has been a real mixed bag of activity this month - full of info-filled webinars, fun photography sessions, valuable classroom lessons and exciting talks of returning to our newly renovated office soon πŸŽ‰

Let’s run through my month in a bit more detail, shall we?

May saw our Digital Advantage workshops back and Scarlett, Jess and I were ready and raring to share our experience as we cover all things, Canva, email marketing and the art of blogging. Delivering these sessions has really helped my learning - they say you never really know something until you can teach it to another; and with our workshops as evidence, I’m confident I’ve imparted knowledge (however big or small) to a fair few individuals by this point, and that’s such a brilliant feeling knowing that it’s helped them add value to their business and marketing strategy! 

I owe a great deal of my knowledge to my virtual classrooms, of course! They have been invaluable in helping me understand the world of digital marketing and the creative industry as a whole. In May we had a couple days of covering the huge entity that is The Web! To start the session our development coach, Dale, asked us when we thought the internet was invented… safe to say, I’m not going to embarrass myself by divulging my answer here πŸ˜‚ But the intro to the web had me reevaluating everything I thought I knew as I thought the internet and the world wide web was the same thing 🀦‍♀️ (admit it, you did too right?). 

Well I’m going to impart more wisdom today and explain the difference.

The world wide web is the pages we see and read when we are online searching for anything and everything, and the internet is a network of connected computers that the web works on. It’s what emails travels through and all of that information that we seek for on a daily basis! Incredible when you think about it, and the internet itself has been around in different shapes and sizes since the 1960’s! Over two decades before the arrival of the web in 1989! Et voila, that’s your something new learnt today πŸ€“

Speaking of my virtual classrooms, the end goal is to be a confident content producer and a large part of that is obviously creating content; from images, to video, and audio too. I had a good mix of all three this month as I photographed at the beautiful Cambridge House in Reeth and also the fantastic Risedale School in Hipswell. Depending on the shoot, I can either do it solo or have the pleasure of being with a fellow Purple person to help keep the day running smoothly. As Risedale School’s shoot consisted of many locations and pupils, Scarlett assisted me and did the best job of keeping us all on track. It also meant that whilst I was taking the pictures, Scarlett could record some behind the scenes shots of the afternoon which I later edited into a fun Behind the Scenes video which you can see right here β†˜

I loved creating the video and can’t wait to create more like it! I think my next project will be focused around our transition back to the office... Yep, it’s happening!!! I can’t quite explain how excited I am about it to be honest. It’s 5 short weeks until I pull up into Aske stables car park for my first full day working from the office - ever! It’s going to be so refreshing to be working with the team everyday and it makes me smile just thinking about the laughs we’re going to have - striking that work/ play balance expertly of course 🀩 The big question is though …

It’s safe to say we’re all very excited and can’t wait to start inviting clients back to the office to talk all about their exciting business ventures, whether that be starting a digital marketing strategy or the needs for a new website or creative assets. If this sounds like your next move, we would love to hear from you ✨

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