08/07/2021 - Maisy's 11th Month at Purple! | Website Blog | Purple Creative Studio
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Maisy's 11th Month at Purple!

My first year at Purple is looming and it barely feels like it’s been 11 days nevermind 11 months! Time has well and truly flown by and that’s unsurprising considering I’ve enjoyed these last 11 months so much, and that’s without being surrounded by my lovely, funny colleagues. 

I think this month has gone by so fast because I’ve been so excited about decamping my office from my bedroom in Hawes, and getting set up at my new desk all the way through at our offices at Aske. I’ve been so looking forward to getting back to the office and now that we’re into July, it will be becoming a reality 🎉

There is so much I’m looking forward to, I thought I’d share it all with you! 

What Maisy’s looking forward to the most about being in the office

  1. Being surrounded by my awesome colleagues and getting to know them better (no more scheduled phone calls or video calls 🙌)
  2. Actually getting to leave my house and doing the beautifully scenic commute to Aske Stables. 🚗 My little car won’t know what’s hit her when I start driving her every day 😂
  3. Having more new experiences - in person meetings, working in person with the team and working in a new environment. 
  4. Having a social aspect back in my working day 🗣 Random work conversations are something that I’ve always loved in all my places of work. 
  5. Figuring out all the cool desk decor I’d like to pimp my desk space 🎨 We created a shared Pinterest board recently, to get the juices flowing. Safe to say the refurbed Purple office will be painted with our personalities in no time. 
  6. Getting to spend the summer at Aske - I’ve heard a lot about Purple lunchtime walks which can only be wonderful considering the scenery 🚶‍♀️
  7. Wearing proper clothes instead of a nice top and pajama bottoms (don’t deny it, we all did it 🙊). This is quite possibly the best excuse to online shop that I’ve had in the past year and I can’t wait 👗
  8. Having a clear work/ life balance - I think that was the oddest part about working from home, it was tricky to separate yourself from work when it was at the foot of my bed. 
  9. Having the luxury of asking a member of the team a question without having to pick up the phone and hope I wasn’t interrupting them. I’ll be able to peer from my desk and see whether it’s a good time to grab them or not - I think this might be the biggest game changer for me since I’m still learning and do have questions here and there. 
  10. Arguably the most exciting thing will be meeting our newest team member… 🐾 You’ll find out more about that very soon 🤩

It’s safe to say that I’m really looking forward to being in the office; learning more, qualifying from my apprenticeship, delving into new exciting client projects and simply being part of Purple as I’ve known it to be 🤩

As I say, I can’t wait to meet more clients and help them excel their businesses by supporting their journey online. That might even be you, and if so, we’d love to hear from you. 

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