14/04/2021 - Maisy's 8th Month at Purple! | Website Blog | Purple Creative Studio
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Maisy's 8th Month at Purple!

We’re now 8 months in and I’m back to give you the lowdown on all the things I got up to in March (my favourite month, as it’s my birthday month🎉)! 

Once again it’s been a super busy month, full of info-full webinars, fresh website launches and apprenticeship tasks that keep me fully on my toes. So let’s dive right in 

What’s going on with my apprenticeship?

I am around half way through my junior content producer apprenticeship now. I have been learning so much; from client relations to understanding the end-to-end process of media production flow. As I have a background in photography, I’m finding this course really interesting. I’ve never had the opportunity to learn too much about video and audio and this apprenticeship is allowing me to do just that, alongside the art of marketing too. This month we have been focusing on copywriting in all of its various forms - including copy for blogs, just like this one. 

Shiny new website launches this month

It’s not often we launch 2 websites one after another in the same week, but last month we did just that! It was an exciting week for both White Rose Retail Consultants and Catterick Parish Council as both their wonderful new websites were made live for all to see which made for a very busy week at the end of March. It was a really rewarding week for me as it wasn’t just one but two more of the websites I’d been working on, up and running and serving our clients and their audiences. 

Have you heard about our workshops?

March brought us the first installment of our Digital Advantage Workshops for 2021. Scarlett, Emma, Jess and I delivered various webinars in hopes of helping more and more small businesses become confident about marketing and positioning their business online. 

I find it fascinating how I have become one of the team to help deliver these workshops, as once upon a time before starting my Purple journey, I was an attendee of these workshops. I had my mind blown by all of the things I simply had no knowledge of at the time and now I feel confident enough to give that new found knowledge back to others and it’s so amazing to see the things we’ve taught, being put into practise. We just love to see small businesses thriving! 🎉

I’ve always told myself that I’ve never been very good presenting to others or public speaking, so these webinars truly put my abilities to the test. However, recently I was listening to a spokeswoman and she spoke about her version of faking it until you make it which was ‘faking it until you become it’, the concept being that you tell yourself you can do something repeatedly until you truly can. She went on to make a really interesting point that whilst you are convincing yourself you can do said thing whilst also thinking you are still incapable, the reality is that you are doing it - the act of repetition simply helps to build your confidence in it. 

This got me thinking about my thoughts toward presenting, as throughout my education in one way or another I have had to present to others many times and each time I know I will have said to myself ‘I can’t do this’, yet I also got through each and every one of them. 

I think my point is that it’s important to try and realise that you have in fact become it already, instead of convincing yourself that you're faking it. Wherever you may be in your business venture or in any new thing that you take on, remember that you’re doing it and you’re doing an incredible job. If you do find yourself struggling a little with your digital marketing efforts or website presence, we really would love to help you feel more confident in everything you do for your business. Our team is happy to help, just drop just an email and say hi 😊  

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