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Maisy's 9th Month at Purple! 😄

April has been a major media filled month, I’ve been out and about with my camera delving into lots of fun projects and immersing myself in all things post production. 

As part of my Junior Content Producer Apprenticeship, a huge chunk of the course is about learning how to capture and create media assets; from photos to videos and audio that can be used for both print and online. 

With photography being something I’m well rehearsed in, the idea of learning how to master video was something that got me really excited when I was reading up about my course. This month, as well as practicing my photography, I got my first taste of video creation too. 

Let me tell you more! 

Recently I have been at one with my camera and making my photography skills available to our Purple clients; helping them obtain images for their website, social media, press releases and printed materials. 

Through lockdown many businesses have made changes both big and small. We have seen a lot of exciting rebranding happening and these changes are things that should be shared and shouted about - and a great way to do that is through photographs! 

I have been working my way around the Dales, dropping in at Milners in Leyburn, CentreBarks in Richmond and Cambridge House in Reeth. With Covid safety in the forefront of our minds, we are always conscious that we are taking all the correct precautions to be as safe as possible in the process.

Needless to say, it has been really refreshing getting out and about, away from my home office and meeting some of our clients in person. Each and every shoot so far has been such a pleasure - and the social interaction aspect of it is getting me really excited for more of the same when we can finally be back at the office.

Take a look at a few sneak peaks of my shoots for far! 

Milners 09-04-20210225

Cambridge House04-05-2021110

Centre Barks20-04-20211085


In my virtual classroom this month I was learning all about video post production, something that is wildly out of my comfort zone. I have often seen others using video editing software and thought it looks very complicated, but as soon as I gained an understanding of the basic techniques and the elements that make up a good video, everything became more logical and all of a sudden I wasn’t half as daunted as I once was!  

Using a mix of original footage, stock videos and audio, I was able to piece together a short minute-long video that posed as a testimonial for a hypothetical campaign that me and my peers have been working on for the past 8 months. 

I was really quite impressed with the final result, the video included smooth transitions, clever J and L-cuts (I learnt some lingo too!) that helped to give the video layers which made it all the more engaging. 

Since being so chuffed with the new skills I’d learnt I couldn’t wait to do more. At this point I was happy with post production, but I had never captured footage for myself on a professional level. So before I could keep practising my video editing, I needed to test my video capturing skills. I saw the perfect opportunity for practice when my sister and her close friend opened up their own Hair and Beauty Parlour in Hawes. The video is now in the works and I’m very excited to see what I can create. I will give credit where credit is due as I highly underestimated the task and can really appreciate the work of a videographer now. 

Stay tuned, you may see my masterpiece (🤞) floating around social media in the near future if all goes well! 

All in all, it’s been a brilliantly creative month and a fun change of pace with the tempo being ramped up as I continue to manage various website and logo design projects as well as creating new media assets for clients. We genuinely love working closely with our clients and get really excited about working with new people too. Maybe you own a small business and would appreciate our assistance in design, website building or photography - if that’s the case, say hello, we’re more than happy to chat with you about your business adventure and talk you through how we can help 😊

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