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Maisy's Completed Her Apprenticeship! 🎉

It has been a long, yet speedy, 13 months of undergoing my Junior Content Producer apprenticeship. Here I am, though, having passed my course, built up huge amounts of confidence and having found my feet within my Account Executive role here at Purple!

The last month has tested me the most, quite literally, as I have undergone all of my end point assessments (EPA). The whole process has been really thorough, focusing on all of the aspects that make up the Junior Content Producer course. Here’s a little insight into the different components of the assessment:

Day 1 of EPA

The first day of EPA was my workplace observation, this consisted of working my way through tasks that would make up my usual day to day activity. Once upon a time, workplace observations would mean having a visitor to the office, but whilst we continue to work around covid best practice, I navigated my workplace observation virtually!

Although I was nervous due to it being an assessment, I couldn’t have felt more at ease, thanks to the lovely invigilator. I spent my 4 hours filming and producing a short video, editing imagery, creating social posts and accompanying graphics all surrounding a blog post that I had written all about how to execute successful Facebook competitions. If this is something you have had trouble understanding in the past, you can find the blog and my video just here. 

Day 2 of EPA

Day 2 of EPA was split into two parts. In the morning I completed a set brief task, where I was provided with a brief and I had 4 hours to plan and pitch an idea for a campaign that fulfilled the needs of the brief. For me, this felt like my weakest area. However, I jumped into the task with two feet and delivered a pitch, complete with research into the client, my ideas for a successful campaign, storyboards for video content and ideas for its distribution across social channels. πŸŽ‰

After a break for my dinner, I sat back down in the meeting room, ready to begin the last aspect of my assessment; the professional discussion. Saving the best ‘til last, I felt the most confident about this part of the assessment as it was ultimately a chat about all of the work I have been doing over the past year (and as you all know, I love a good chinwagπŸ˜†). I felt my nerves of the day sliding away at this point and I just fell into divulging all that I was eager to share about my many experiences, projects and reflections I have found myself going through during this apprenticeship. The hour flew by and I was done! 

I can’t express how accomplished and weightless I felt when I was thanking my invigilator and leaving the meeting room to head back to my desk and celebrate with the team! 

I have to say, this is one of the most rewarding things I feel I have done. The experience I have gained in the working world, alongside learning a plethora of new skills has gone beyond my expectations. In honesty, I wasn’t 100% sure of what to expect, but my pull towards a new learning opportunity and being a part of the Purple team gave me that feeling of excitement as well as a belly full of nerves, you know the one; the feeling you get before a fail or flourish adventure. 

I feel overcome with praise at the minute as during this time I was also shortlisted for the Rising Star award at the 2021 regional apprenticeship awards. Although I was unlucky this time, it felt amazing that my team put me forward for the award and I got as far as I did 😊 On top of that excitement, I received my course results (drumroll please πŸ₯) … I got the distinction I had so hoped for, yippee!! 

I have been really lucky in that I have flourished through this whole process and I’m now looking ahead towards a really exciting future with Purple πŸ’œ 


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