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Maisy's Third Month at Purple!

Here we are at month three!! I can’t believe I have been working at Purple for three months already, never mind the fact it’s already November too! But one consolation there is that I LOVE this time of year, especially the crisp fresh mornings, there is something so wonderful about the chill in the air on an Autumn morning. 

Anyway, we’re not here to talk about the weather. This is what I have been up to in month 3! 

I can already feel how far I have come from day 1. Like a lost puppy, I was very much out of my comfort zone with everything being so new to me and I definitely still have days where I am unsure or clueless of things (of course, It is still early days!) but through a quick message or call, it’s explained to me and just like that, I’ve learnt another new thing. However, where I can admit my weaknesses, I feel I should also share my praise for myself as I am doing more independent work now too. With brilliant guidance from Scarlett and Phil (and everyone else in the team from one thing to another) I have started to build confidence in my role.

In the last month I have been through, what feels like, a huge transition when it comes to the involvement with our lovely clients. I have continued to join meetings and meet both new and now familiar faces.

At the beginning of my apprenticeship, I would simply be present and privy to these conversations that I had minimal understanding of. But now, I am present, listening, understanding more and producing proposals and briefs for live projects - which, as I write this, amazes me a little. 

So, there’s that …

Which leads me to a super exciting thing which has happened over the last month, where I conducted my first (Hans) Solo meeting with a client!! This was just as nerve wracking as it was exciting and it meant that I held a lot more of the responsibility than I usually would - having to make sure I was covering all of the relevant points and asking the appropriate questions in order to relay this information to a graphic designer, who would then present a wonderful visual that summed up our meeting. I can see already how brilliant and rewarding it is to see a client’s vision come to life. 

I have also been writing more blogs for clients, testing my skills of non-linear working. From topics of walking the Pennine Way to tasty festive treats (because you know holidays are coming!!) I have been familiarising, researching and typing away. 

Hmm, what else… 

Well, of course my days don’t always consist of Purple work, as I have my apprenticeship work too which is going really well so far. Through virtual classroom sessions, set tasks and the push to take control over my own independent learning, I feel as though a day doesn’t go by where I haven’t learnt something new, no matter how big or small it may be, and I love that about my whole apprenticeship experience so far. 

It is amazing what can be achieved in a short amount of time and it makes me really intrigued about how I might progress over the next 3 months!

Now it’s time to take on November and already the month has been thrown into uncertainty with the latest lockdown announcements. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for everyone's sake that we will be able to enjoy Christmas in some way. With dark nights and colder weather this lockdown will certainly be a test for everyone but it’s just about all supporting each other in any way we can. We’re keeping our spirits up here at Purple with a lockdown Christmas party planned and the Secret Santa draw done so we have a couple of things to look forward to! I’m very intrigued about what everyone will get each other … you’ll have to wait until December’s blog post for that 😉

Until next time everyone, for more of my Purple Progress! As always if you would like any help or information about website design, logo design or digital marketing, get in touch - We love hearing from you and we’d love to help support you through this lockdown - our inbox is open so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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