19/07/2022 - Sian’s eleventh month at Purple! | Website Blog | Purple Creative Studio
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Sian’s eleventh month at Purple!

Another month down and not long to go until I mark a year here at Purple. It feels like only yesterday when I was marking my 10th month here - it'll be Christmas in no time! 😄

It has been a really fun month with lots going on around my usual client social schedules, blogging and content creation. I’ve also been powering through my apprenticeship studies with only a couple of assignments left and my portfolio to finish before I can pass through gateway into EPA.

What I've been up to

This month has had a lot going on - that’s probably why it's raced by! I’ve been working on some really creative client work and now have a good mix of businesses with different aims and objectives. With more clients come different challenges and I am now doing a few more mailouts and really enjoying working on Mailchimp. I can also comfortably segment audiences and tag them appropriately to ensure the mailshots we are sending are targeted to specific groups of people.

In my last blog, I mentioned that I had an exciting photography day for one of our clients lined up too. We ended up spending the whole day snapping away and getting content for reels and videos as well as being treated to a wonderful lunch - once we got some pics of the dishes of course! It was a really insightful day out with the team, learning how to navigate a photo day and seeing Maisy, our Account Executive in action with her cameras. I can't wait to use some of the footage we got and craft some great social posts out of them. 📸

I also had another meeting with a prospective client and some more catch-ups with existing clients. This was an interesting experience and I’m always learning in these situations and developing my skills. It is great to meet new people and show them what we can offer and how we can meet the needs of their business.

Finally, the charity race day was this month! We ended up raising over £200 for St Teresa's Hospice and had a fantastic afternoon out as a team. Purple Hayz put in a valiant effort and was just pipped to the post but we are so proud of the team effort. - well get 'em next year! 🙌


Apprentify work has ramped up too with my gateway meeting even closer now, it's going to be a wild couple of months! I’ve been working through the last few of my assignments and recently did some tasks relating to SEO. 

SEO is an important aspect of content writing and the work we do here at Purple, so it was interesting to learn a bit more about this and how I can incorporate this into my own writing and web pages. I also looked back at the bit of SEO work I had done a few months ago when doing a couple of page rewrites to reflect on this and how it had an impact on the website. As a result, going forward, I’ll always have SEO in the back of my mind and it will be interesting to see the results over time through the new Google Analytics 4.

I have also continued to work on my portfolio and made a couple of revisions - it's slowly getting there and I have received continued support and feedback from my development coach Rebecca and mentor Jess which has helped me immensely. It’s starting to come together as a result and should be good to go soon. ✨

What's Next

We have the possibility of starting webinars again which is really exciting, they have been a great opportunity to share knowledge and network with businesses. Alongside this I have lots of coaching calls lined up to help prepare, now I am getting closer to gateway.

On the client side of things, I have quite a few meetings lined up to chat about marketing strategies and plans of action for campaigns which again, enables me to meet with clients, have a good conversation and get to know them better.

Next month I also have my path to mastery course which is centred around Facebook advertisements. I’ve always wanted to learn more about paid advertising and how this can help clients and so have chosen to participate in this two-day course to further my skills to be able to take on ad campaigns in the future.

Well, that's another month! Make sure to check back next month when I mark my first year at Purple eeek! 🤩

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