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Sian’s Fifth Month at Purple

Where did Christmas go?! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and now the wonderful festive period has passed it is time to look ahead to 2022. 🎉 January already feels like it is whizzing by and it's starting to feel like I have been here much longer than five months! Following on from a busy December in which I was proud of myself for keeping on top of both client and apprenticeship work, it’s now full steam ahead for the new year. Within these past five months, I have grown as a member of the team and got stuck into so many new experiences and I’m soo excited to see what this year brings! 

What I have been up to 

This past month has been a bit of a whirlwind but on reflection, I am so proud of how I balanced my time and I was still able to have an amazing Christmas period despite everything needing to be done early in the month. This meant I had to be very proactive and I actually surprised myself with how I managed my time effectively and made some lovely content for clients. 

When it comes to the New Year I am really pushing myself to improve on my work and grow more as a person, becoming more confident in myself and with clients. I also have set myself a target of improving my LinkedIn presence which took a hit in December but is now slowly taking shape - hopefully, I can keep it up! 😊 I had my first review at work too, which was positive and gave me some good goals to work on for the future in what is set to be another busy year at Purple.

It’s been a bumper month for me in terms of clients too. I’ve had lots of opportunities to sit in on client meetings this month alongside Jess and Scarlett and be able to engage and plan out strategies for them. As a result, we have welcomed a couple of new clients that I’m excited to get to work with and promote their businesses. This has meant I am starting to get quite the list of clients together and have plenty to do each month! 


Balancing my time well and completing all my client work in good time has meant I was able to get stuck into my Apprentify work. It's quite scary to look at Bud, my learning portal, and see I have completed over 40% of my activities. 😱 I’m almost halfway through now and endpoint assessment is on the horizon eeek!

This month I had another two day classroom which was all about the production workflow. Even though we are a smaller group the sessions have been really engaging with plenty of discussions. The session was all about how to plan for production including pre-production and post as well as the importance of storyboarding and planning. 

We were also introduced to a fantastic planning platform called Trello, which sets out all your production tasks in a visual way and can be shared with members of the team. In this session, we again completed a new group project together in which we will have a role play negotiation in our next classroom which is something new and exciting and will build my confidence as so far most of our projects have been pitch or presentation based. 


What's Next

We have plenty coming up at Purple including several Digital Advantage workshops in February as well as some online webinars on everything from blogging to Canva. I really enjoyed my last Workshop and whilst it pushes me out of my comfort zone and is a little daunting it is a great learning experience and something I always feel I have benefitted from doing at the end of the day.

I have lots of Apprentify work coming up too including a three-day classroom all about video and image production which will see us tasked with creating and publishing new content for a brand brief - something I haven't done in a while and maybe rather rusty at, however, I am excited to get back behind the Camera. 📸

This month I am also attending a Google Analytics webinar to learn a bit more about that and further my knowledge as I feel this is always changing and it’s such a good tool I want to keep up to date with the platform. We also have lots of potential meetings with clients coming up and lots to keep busy with when it comes to creating social media content and newsletters. 

It has been another fantastic month at Purple, with lots to look forward to, here's to a wonderful 2022! 🥂

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