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Sian’s Seventh Month at Purple

Spring is finally here! With the clocks changing in less than a week it feels like long evenings and warmer weather is hopefully, just around the corner. It's been another crazy month full of new apprenticeship learning, client work and press release writing. Our table football has also been expertly repaired by Allan, our fantastic technical director, so we've managed to get a few competitive Friday tournaments in this month! ⚽

What I've been up to

I’ve become much more confident with my independent work now from client schedules to creating graphics and I feel I have really found my stride now. I have been able to manage my time to the best effect and ensure I am putting out high quality content for clients each month with many posts getting some great engagement and receiving some positive feedback from clients themselves. 

Web page content has been a new skill I have been learning this month with a big emphasis on SEO and keywords. I have had the opportunity to rewrite a couple of pages for clients, which felt interesting as I was required to go away and research them, to better understand their brand and the keywords they were trying to rank for. I also learnt a lot about page layout and structure and how this can affect visitors using the site and encourage them to stay longer as well as making it easier to read and digest written content. I was also able to rewrite content for Purple's own website along with other members of the team and it was really interesting to work collaboratively together and give feedback on each other's ideas and content. 

Something I have touched on a few times with my journalistic background in a few of my posts is written content for online and print publications in the form of news updates and press releases. Last month I was able to reach out and do a couple of press releases and this month has been no different with me creating a few news pieces for client websites, putting together some press releases to expand clients’ reach and putting plans in motion for future pieces which has been really exciting. 🤩

I’ve also had plenty of time away from my desk this month with some client meetings as well as the opportunity to meet with an existing client on my own for the first time! It was really nice finally meeting clients face to face following on from lots of emails back and forth due to covid restrictions and it was lovely to hear such wonderful feedback as well as get a plan of action together to keep achieving results for the client. 


It’s been a busy month for Apprentify too with me completing a long three day classroom which saw me gather my own content and utilise online footage to create some promo videos based on a set brief. The session also taught me some useful techniques regarding photography and filming as well as reminding me how to use industry standard tools such as Photoshop and Adobe Premiere for editing. 

I’ve got some more video work coming up and the three days felt like a long time to be out of the office but it was a really fun and engaging session which taught me some new skills and had me doing something out of my comfort zone that was a little different to what I normally do back in the office.

What’s next

I have a coaching call coming up soon in which I am discussing my portfolio for my apprenticeship work and what to include as well as some KSB’s I’m wanting to smash in preparation. 💪 

My apprenticeship is racing by and I want to be well prepared ahead of my EPA. Despite feeling like it's just around the corner, I still have plenty of online learning opportunities and a few more classroom days to expand my knowledge. 

I also have some more Digital Advantage webinars coming up and workshops that we are presenting at which are always fun days out, a change of scenery and a chance to meet new people within a range of different industries. We are also starting content for a couple of new clients too which is always exciting as it's something new to tackle and create original content for. 

We even have our first staff social since Christmas planned in a few weeks which I am sure will be a ton of fun especially with the Purple team! I can’t say I am any good at mini golf though I’m sure it will be a great night out and I can't wait. 🏌️

Make sure you check back in a month's time for my April blog to see what I’ve been up to!


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