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Sian’s Sixth Month at Purple

February is here and spring is just around the corner! With it being the shortest month it really feels like it has gone in a flash. It has also meant myself and the team have been extremely busy and our enquiries have increased substantially this month which is so exciting. I'm also just over halfway through my apprenticeship now and if the last couple of months are anything to go by, it (rather scarily) will be finished in no time! 😄

What I have been up to 

This month has been extremely varied from workshops to client meetings. I have continued to grow my skills working on content creation, which I now send out independently and liaise with clients, which is a big accomplishment for me to now be trusted to produce client work that is well made, meets the tone and is grammatically correct so it can then be sent out to them without being checked by other members of the Purple team. 

Working on a few new clients' work, and building their brand from scratch has also been so fun and interesting. I’ve learnt lots of new facts about different industries and been able to try out new techniques and types of content on Canva from videos to animations and setting up a brand kit too. I’ve received some great feedback this month on the work I am creating which has been really positive to hear, especially when starting a project from scratch, using your own vision without a helping hand. It feels more and more like the stabilisers are coming off now which despite being a little scary is a huge opportunity for me to grow as a member of the team. 

I have presented at my first webinars this month too. They weren't plain sailing as I had a fair few technical hiccups initially. 😅 However I powered through and felt I still did well despite this. I am definitely getting more confident when presenting now, but webinars were new to me due to them being on a computer as opposed to face to face. I also have presented a bit more at my second in-person workshop too, which was a lot smoother this time around despite covering new topics that I hadn't covered in the previous workshop. It's great to be able to share your knowledge with others as part of Digital Advantage. 

In my last review, I also mentioned wanting to do a few more news pieces and more journalistic work and have managed to complete two new pieces. I really enjoyed going out and interviewing people again and creating some interesting features from that. I also rewrote copy for a page on one of our client's websites and utilised some SEO research which was something new for me and will be great for my apprenticeship portfolio.

I conquered Mailchimp this month too and I can now build campaigns from scratch as well as import new contacts to the platform to build mailing lists and segment them. Previously, I found the whole process of setting up Mailchimp accounts from scratch a bit complicated but being more at ease with it now will put me in good stead for the future when clients may come to us asking for mailouts alongside social media. 



I have also been hard at work on my apprenticeship and have quite a bit of video work coming up in the next month which I have been preparing for. I also attended another classroom that was all about copy creation. I learnt about some great formulas for copywriting including AIDA and WIIFM and it felt like an invaluable lesson due to my job involving so much copywriting. I am always looking to improve and find new techniques to try and see if that improves engagement and traffic as I feel the digital industry and especially social media is ever-changing and growing. As part of my e-learning I have nearly completed my Google Digital Garage Fundamentals of Digital Marketing certification and just need to take the exam!

What’s Next

We have even more webinars coming up in the next few months and some more workshops. I also have another classroom coming up in March which is three days long! With it being all about video, I'm excited to see what it entails as this will be my first three-day classroom. As enquiries have been so busy, I am looking forward to onboarding new clients and getting stuck into even more new content and becoming more adaptable to different brands and what they want to achieve in their digital marketing. It’s so great to say I will be back in spring with my next update when we will hopefully have fewer storms and rain! ☀

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