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Sian's first month at Purple!

My first month at Purple has flown by in a flash, I can’t believe it’s almost October! It’s been a fantastic, jam packed first month. It has been so nice to be in an office environment with the team around me, instead of being stuck at home! The office space is wonderful (we have the best snack trolley thanks to Amanda!) and the whole team has helped me settle into the office, I really feel I have started to become part of the Purple team. We have also all been enjoying the last sunshine of summer and getting out for daily walks which has been great to have a chat and get some fresh air in between tasks in the office. To reflect on my progress I’ve decided to create a monthly blog series to keep up to date with my progress through my apprenticeship!

What I’ve Been Up To 

My first month has been full of learning, as I have been guided by Jess and the team. I have been working on a variety of content from blogging to social media schedules. There has been plenty to do in my first month which has kept me busy but I have enjoyed every part of it! I’ve been able to get stuck into working life at Purple and it has been so eye opening and exciting. 

One of my first tasks was to get to know our wonderful clients from carpet companies to B&B’s, the range of clients Purple is so large which makes creating social media content really interesting - I never know what I'll be working on from one day to the next! A lot of our clients are Yorkshire based, and being from Darlington this was a little new to me at first, but now I feel I am learning so much about the area and its charms.

I was introduced to Content Cal which is a great scheduling tool for your social media posts. Once I got my head around it I found it really useful and intuitive. I was able to schedule posts for various channels such as Facebook and Instagram simultaneously and get social media schedules out for clients. Canva has also become a key tool in my daily work as it helps me create eye-catching graphics, edits, testimonials, title cards and infographics. As a platform it proved extremely useful as I can create a brochure one day and a lanyard the next. It has enabled me to get really creative with content producing which is something I really enjoy doing with my background in graphics. I’ve now attended my first webinar and seen the marketing team in action which has been really helpful in furthering my knowledge in preparation for helping present in the future. I even carried out phone training and I am now much more confident answering phone calls - something I dreaded at first!  

My research skills have also improved in my first month as I become more efficient. With the range of clients we have it's important that I learn about the industries so I can create content that is relevant and well optimized with good SEO practices, keywords and hashtags. I have been able to write content and blogs for companies, topics and industries I previously had no knowledge of and this has been super interesting but has also made me even more proud of the digital media I am creating. 

I was also able to attend Richmond 950’s Outdoor Cinema event as a purple VIP 😎 Watching a Knight's Tale on the big screen at Aske Estate was an amazing experience made even better by the company and the fact the great British weather was kind to us! It was great to attend an event with the team outside of work and enjoy some great food and drink and a very entertaining film. I was so happy to be a part of the successful event and I am looking forward to more Purple team events in the future!


As well as working on the job, I’ve been completing a Junior Content Producer Apprenticeship with Apprentify. The programme gives me lots of helpful information, modules and tasks that go alongside my work and I have definitely found the time spent on them worthwhile. My development coach, Rebecca is also always on hand to support me should I need it alongside my line managers Jess and Scarlett! I've only had one online workshop session so far all about the creative industry, the culture and how to present and pitch marketing strategies. I’ve also completed modules in Safeguarding, Creative Skills and Marketing and Branding which have been a really good foundation for the course. Later in the month I will be attending my first two day workshop all about marketing briefs. 

What's Next

I am looking forward to taking on new clients and working with existing clients working on their social media and marketing. I will also be attending more workshops in the future with Apprentify which also allows me to work with new people on projects and learn helpful skills which will be great to use in the workplace. In early October I will be attending my first two day Workshop with Purple and Digital Advantage where I will have the opportunity to present. I'm a little nervous but I think it is going to be great to jump head first into it and a great confidence booster. I’ll also be preparing more content for the Purple blog and various clients as well as carrying out my ContentCall skills diploma, and I am wanting to learn more about video and photo editing more in depth through my course as I think these would also be a big benefit in the workplace. 

On reflection I have loved my first month at Purple, it's a unique office full of friendly people who have been so helpful and welcoming. I couldn't have asked for a better workplace to learn and grow. I’m delighted I have been trusted to carry out client work and been given so much support for my apprenticeship too. Roll on month 2! 

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