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Sian's Fourth Month at Purple

I can’t quite believe I have now been at Purple for four months! Christmas is in full swing in the office with the tree and lights up and the Christmas tunes on repeat.🎅 This time of year is always a busy time for any business and Purple is no exception. I’ve had a month full of busy client work, meetings and discussions. I’m becoming a more independent member of the team now and getting stuck into plenty of digital marketing tasks. December has been a whirlwind of a month, but an extremely enjoyable one with the rest of the team making the office a great place and continuing to support me on my apprenticeship journey!

What I have been up to 

As I mentioned it’s been a wild month! We create our social schedules for the month ahead and as it’s a busy time for clients and holidays with business closures and such, we start a lot of them earlier than usual. This has meant it’s been full steam ahead since the start of the month but as I have settled more into the office, a routine and got to know my clients better I’ve been able to keep on top of my workload. I’ve taken much more ownership over my clients this month and I am constantly learning how to improve and get a bit more creative with content. 

On top of all things social media, I’ve had lots of opportunities this month to join client meetings. I have been guided by Jess and Scarlett in various meetings and as a result, we have a few new digital marketing clients to be working with! I’ve not had a lot of experience in customer-facing situations so it’s been fun to see what it’s like and how to communicate ideas to clients. Everyone I’ve met has been lovely to talk to and hopefully I will be able to meet face to face with a couple of them in the new year!

As the year draws to a close it will also be my last month working with the fantastic team at Richmond 950, a celebratory event to celebrate Richmond’s 950th birthday through 2021. I have had a great time working on their social media content and attending the fantastic outdoor cinema event here at Aske with the rest of the Purple team shortly after I joined. Working on content for R950 has been a great learning experience and I hope I can get involved with more projects like this in the future!

I had my first review too, in which I gained some extremely valuable and positive feedback from Jess and Scarlett which I was over the moon with and set up some future goals for myself. It’s lovely to hear such positive feedback from Jess and Scarlett, this makes me extremely proud of my own personal growth and I feel like one of the Purple family now!

Of course, December is a month of festivities and we have had plenty of fun and games. We had a fun trip over to Mainsgill farm shop for some Christmas shopping and lunch where I was ecstatic to be able to pick up some lovely cheese and a new bookmark ahead of my next read on my lunch breaks! 😋

We also had a fantastic Christmas party at The Morritt with some fabulous food and plenty of laughter with ‘Who’s in the bag’ becoming a new favourite party game. I feel so lucky to work with such a great team and have to say a big thanks to Phil and Allan (and organiser Maisy!) for a fab night! 🎉


I have also been hard at work continuing my apprenticeship tasks with two classroom sessions and a review this month. My first classroom session was all about technical marketing where I was introduced to some new tools such as AR and the latest developments in marketing which was really eye-opening and gave me a more critical eye for looking at campaigns that I can apply to future campaigns! 

My second classroom was all about content development where we did some fun storyboard tasks (my drawing is still terrible!) and learnt about web accessibility and tone of voice. We then went on to storyboard and mock-up our own little advertisement for our group project which was nice as a refresher to get used to Adobe Premiere again as our next projects will include some video work too.

I also had the chance to sit down with my development coach, Rebecca, and had some lovely feedback from her too in particular regarding a task relating to interpreting a client brief. I decided to do this task in relation to a client and did some extensive research into competitors and put together a social media plan. Rebecca was really impressed with this piece of work and is confident that I am working to a high level and doing just fine when it comes to my apprenticeship tasks - yey! 😊

What’s Next

With the new clients we are so pleased to be working with, I have plenty to work on and I am really looking forward to seeing their social media presence and brand awareness grow. It’s great that we have such a wide range of clients and with new ones joining the roster I am always learning new and interesting things and keeping busy. 

I have set a few personal goals for myself for 2022 including getting into a bit more PR work which links nicely with my journalistic background. I mentioned in my last couple of blogs that I have been enjoying the opportunity to do more PR pieces and have decided I would set myself the goals of writing some more PR pieces next year for my clients.

I can’t wait for Christmas and New Year and to then start all over again in 2022. Hopefully, January won’t be blue and I’ll be able to meet many more clients - but if not, at least we are all well acquainted with Zoom now! Next month with Apprentify is all about content creation and video work so I am looking forward to doing some work with the video camera again and I’m sure it will help me think up some new and exciting content ideas.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and New Year and I’ll update you all about next month in my 5 month update!

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