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Sian's Ninth Month at Purple!

My apprenticeship is absolutely racing by and I can’t believe I’m now updating you on my ninth month at Purple! Despite May being a supposedly long month it’s another one that has gone by in the blink of an eye. I have been so busy and have had so much content to work on I’m not sure where to even start!

What I’ve been up to 

It’s been another busy month of schedules and content creation this month. I had a short trip away at the start of the month and so I was ready to get stuck back in to client work on my return!

I kicked off the month presenting a blogging webinar with the team, something I really enjoyed and always find is a good way to reinforce my industry knowledge as well as help others. It’s always exciting to meet new faces, even in the digital age, over Zoom and give people some helpful insight into something I currenltey do for a range of clients.

This month myself and the team also delivered in person workshops again! We had recently overhauled and updated the workshop content and made them more interactive and so this was a chance for me to interact and network more with local businesses who wanted to learn new ways to drive their marketing efforts. 

Again it was wonderful learning more about the range of businesses around and passing on our own knowledge which will hopefully help them improve their future marketing efforts and give them some new ideas. The workshops have certainly helped me to grow so much as a person and made me much more confident in communicating with people after a year behind a screen following a pandemic.

The biggest milestone this month was leading my first client meeting! It was so exciting to take the reins and learn more about the client’s business and how we can meet their wants and needs with a strategic marketing plan. This was a skill I never had prior to joining Purple and something I was keen to adapt to so it has given me the experience so I can potentially lead meetings on my own in the future. I now can’t wait to get to work on new content with a brand new client and help build their success. 


Since I last checked in I have completed all my classroom sessions and I am now looking forward to my mock end point assessment and getting my portfolio finalised. My final classroom was really interesting as it covered some coding and gave me a better understanding of what the other members of the team do when it comes to website design.


As I have begun to put my portfolio together it has been really interesting to look back on the range of skills I have gained during my apprenticeship and the breadth of content I have worked on and made me proud of how far I have come and improved my knowledge of the industry. 

What’s next 

Video is a key part of my apprenticeship and so I have booked several meetings with members of the team to put together my Purple team video as part of my apprenticeship work. It will introduce who Purple Creative are and give you some background access so watch this space for the reveal!

I am also in the process of putting together my first draft of my portfolio, eeek! It’s starting to feel so real now and I can’t believe I’m almost at the end of my apprenticeship journey. As mentioned I completed all my classrooms this month so I am now gearing up for my mock EPA and gateway workshops next month. 

In the meantime I’ll be hard at work on some new exciting content and I am looking forward to working with the new clients we have taken on as well as a bumper month of summer content for our existing clients.

Don’t forget to check in next month for my ten month update!

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