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Sian's second month at Purple!

I’ve now been at Purple for two months! It seems every month is going by faster and faster and I’m having a wonderful time with the team working on client schedules and learning all about the digital marketing industry. I have now passed my probation period too which means I am allowed to choose my own Le Creuset mug! Over the last two months, I feel I have come out of my shell a lot more, our office is regularly filled with laughter and I’ve now been introduced to ‘dobble’ and been thrashed several times at table football. The team has continued to be so supportive and welcoming, I couldn’t ask for a better bunch to help guide me through my apprenticeship and they have all made the transition to full-time work so easy 😊. 

What I’ve been up to

This month has felt extremely busy and I’ve had lots of opportunities to get stuck into working life. I’ve continued to work on social schedules and blog content including taking on a couple of new ones! I definitely feel like I’m learning more and more about Yorkshire every day. I’ve now done some phone training too and started to get to grips with answering them. Everyone who has called has been lovely to talk to - even if the calls are often for other members of staff! 

I’ve really got to grips with our scheduling system ContentCal and liaising with clients directly. I’m particularly enjoying getting creative on Canva, making new graphics to add something new to social media schedules as I feel they are really colourful and eye-catching when you are scrolling through Facebook and another way to advertise your business. I had used Canva a little previously but it’s been great to find out how much it really can do!

I work closely with Jess, the Digital Marketing Executive here at Purple and I’ve had a great time discussing client work, ContentCal and setting up our own fabulous whiteboard which we decorate every month! It’s been a great visual tool to help us see our clients’ status, awareness days and events in the local area, and important campaign details related to our clients. 

Another huge personal achievement this month was attending and presenting at my first digital advantage workshop! The team at Purple are fantastic at explaining and giving advice about all things web and social, not to mention also being great public speakers so they were a hard act to follow when my turn was up to present a section on blogging. 

I felt well prepared though and we’d had plenty of team meetings prior so I decided to take it in my stride and despite my nerves managed to present well, and by the end of the day, I felt I had really enjoyed the workshop experience! We also had some amazing food provided by The Garden Rooms at Tennants where the event was held, I had never been there so I was shocked at how grand the venue was.

What really made the day was when Scarlett and the team gave me some fantastic feedback and praise for my first time presenting. I feel this has given me the confidence I needed going forward to do more public speaking and workshop events. Over the two days, we all had a lot of fun with some great local businesses attending. 

Finally, I have been given the opportunity to work on some press release work this month, which ties into my degree in Journalism and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back into it. I wrote up a lovely piece congratulating our Account Executive Maisy on being shortlisted for a regional apprenticeship rising star award. I also worked on an awards event write up for Risedale School based in Colburn, whom we have worked with recently on a project that saw us redesigning their website and who we hope to do more press work with in the future which is very exciting.✨


Alongside my client work, I have been hard at work on my apprenticeship and have completed another set of virtual classrooms all about client briefs and how to interpret them, understanding the importance of effective branding and different types of market segmentation. I am now working towards a group project in which we have created a proposal in the form of a presentation for a theme park to put what we have learnt to the test. The classrooms have been a great place to get some extra learning and development in and do some further group projects.

As part of my apprenticeship, I have been carrying out the Google Garage Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course which contains some great free resources from Google all about digital marketing which is so relevant as we all know the online universe is always changing. I am just over halfway through and look forward to completing the course and getting a certificate to show my commitment to developing my skills. As the course has been so valuable I am now more committed to spending time on my own personal learning to help keep up to date with the industry and learn even more! 


What’s Next

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s full steam ahead now into the end of the year. I’ve been told the office gets pretty festive and we can finally have an in-person Christmas party to attend after the pandemic forced everything online last year. Jess and I have also agreed that decorating our digital marketing board will be a joint effort when it comes to Christmas!

I have also been told I need to step up my coffee game so will be receiving some coffee machine training next month in preparation. ☕😄 I’m super excited for the next couple of months at Purple which I have no doubt will be just as fun as the last two months!

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