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2022 Social Media Holidays (+ Free Calendar Download!)

Do you celebrate Love Your Pet Day, Yorkshire Pudding Day, or National Selfie Day?

Chances are, if you don’t personally, you’ll have seen someone on social media who does! There are a plethora of themed days worldwide that you can get involved with as a business by sharing content relevant to you and your industry to get involved in a movement, generate more awareness, or simply have fun!

They’re also a simple way to create content when you’re maybe struggling for ideas on what to talk about or when to post. To help you plan for trending holidays, we’ve created an easy-to-use calendar for the year featuring a variety of different occasions that you can download and keep for those days when you’re in need of a little inspo!

In the past, we’ve marked lots of different national days and weeks on our social media pages, with just some examples being National Apprenticeship Week, National Refill Day, National STEM Day, National Stress Awareness Day, and National Coding Week - a few that are specific to us as a business and what we do, and others that are a little more general and just for fun!

These events offer a fun and more personal way to connect with your audience on social media, allowing brands to join in on conversations and create content that aligns with their brand values. There’s a national day for almost everything, so there’s bound to be one to fit your niche. But, you could always create your own, start using the hashtag, and kick off a viral social sensation!

To help generate some ideas, download our free calendar now. To kickstart things, we’ve shared some of our favourite National Days along with some ways to mark the occasion on your social media pages…

Join in With

20th February - Love Your Pet Day

Everyone loves to see furry friends when scrolling through social media, so we love to take up every opportunity we can to share snaps of our pets! 

Love Your Pet Day is the annual celebration of your beloved companions, so spoil them even more than you usually do and show them off on social media. 

You can celebrate by introducing your social media followers to the office pets; you could post ‘As a Puppy vs Now’ comparisons, ask your followers which pet looks most like which team member, or simply show the world how undeniably cute they are! You can encourage your followers to share photos of their pets too.

21st April - National Tea Day

It’s no secret that as a team we love a cuppa! The tricky part when it comes to making a round though is getting everyone’s order right - milky or strong, sugar or sweetener, green or Yorkshire? 

There are plenty of ways to join in with National Tea Day on social media, you could try a ‘This or That’ series on Stories, ask followers what their favourite accompaniment is to a cuppa (we’re partial to a chocolate digestive), or post a quiz for followers to guess which brew belongs to which team member! 

You could simply use your tea break to go live on social media with a brew and run a Q&A for followers to find out more about you, or you could go one step further and invite customers and clients in for a cuppa and a chat, almost like an open day for people to get to know your business.

13th November - World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day is another that you may have seen on social media in the past, it’s the global day to promote the importance of being kind to each other, to yourself, and to the world. 

Why not join in as a business by carrying out random acts of kindness and sharing these on socials, it’ll strengthen your reputation and relationship with customers! You could even give some free samples or discount codes to increase awareness of the brand as well as increase sales and footfall.

Or, you could take a different approach, and showcase the steps you take to be kinder to the environment and the planet! 

Now, we don’t suggest hopping on every single National Day or Awareness Week and adding the hashtags just to get seen, but instead using days relevant to your business can offer a valuable chance to promote your brand in a different way and join the conversations taking place among your target audience.

To help you get ahead and incorporate some of these trending days, we’ve created a handy downloadable social media calendar that you can save or print out to refer to when planning your social content. Now, this list isn't exhaustive (there are hundreds of days, weeks, and months out there!), and these dates may still be subject to change. But we hope it’s a useful starting point for your 2022 social media strategy that you can have some fun with!


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