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The Raw Store Website Launch

Today’s launch celebrates The Raw Store, a natural pet feed store based in Richmond. The Raw Store is a brilliant shop that has the health of your pet at heart. They provide ethically sourced raw food, nutritious treats and much more for your four legged friends.

With an expert team of staff, they can help with your pet’s dietary needs, no problem!

Nikki has been such a pleasure to work with over the last few months. Her passion towards her business and her love of dogs is undeniable and made developing her website such a joy.

This project was fairly unique as Nikki felt she couldn’t justify a complete online shop system but still needed the site to showcase the range of products that she has available to her customers.

We were able to create a Product System that accommodates this through primary categories which each product is attached to. For simple and quick user navigation, the categories are displayed on the homepage.  

Once through to a category, the products are listed with an image, title, price and brand - all the initial information a customer would need whilst browsing. Products can also be filtered by brand from each category page, making navigating to a certain product that much easier and quicker.

Once a customer has found an item they are interested in, they can click the product and a nifty pop up screen is displayed where a user can submit an enquiry about that product, whether that be how to purchase or further information about the product.

This system works well for Nikki and is just what she needed for her business, check out The Raw Store’s new website here.

Perhaps you are interested in having a new website developed but are not so sure what you need. We’re always happy to help and offer our opinion on what your business may benefit from through a website. Get in touch today 😊


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