21/09/2020 - Website Launch for N.L.S Contracts | Website Blog | Purple Creative Studio
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Website Launch for N.L.S Contracts

It’s that time again and as ever, we are so excited to share one of our most recent website launches. N.L.S Contracts Ltd are based in Brompton-on-Swale, North Yorkshire and are specialists in construction, agriculture, sports turf and equestrian works.

N.L.S Contracts came to us a few months ago, they already had an existing website, but they felt it no longer met their needs and didn’t accurately reflect the company to date and was in need of modernising. 

N.L.S Contracts’ former website had many inconsistencies in colours and fonts which generally made for an unpleasant browser experience. They visualised a much more professional and well-curated online presence, which after great talks and concise feedback from their project lead, Louise, we were able to deliver. We must thank Louise for her impeccable organisation, she was a dream to work with throughout this project. 

Together we determined the key elements that they believed to be most important for the new website as goals for a website differ from business to business.

One of the most important goals for N.L.S Contracts was to make it as simple as possible for their website visitors to make enquiries via a phone call, with this in mind we made sure phone numbers were one of the first things that visitors saw when they landed on the homepage, both on desktop and mobile, followed by a strong call to action soon after, to other contact options. 

N.L.S Contracts have long received great feedback over the years from their happy customers which they are extremely proud of. Testimonials tell others that their delivery on services is tried, tested and true. So we placed a selection of testimonials on the homepage, using a sleek carousel module which allows visitors to scroll through them easily. 

We always like a dash of something different here at Purple, something that is unique and keeps our web developers on their toes. N.L.S Contracts really wanted their website to shout about their brand so we reflected this in the footer. Usually footers of a website are clean, straight lines but this footer resembles that of ruffled terrain- little details like this can make such a big impact on the overall look of a website and we think it is such a fun element. 

Go and check it out and please get in touch if we can help you start your new online journey. 


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