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Welcome back, Sarah!

23rd March 2020 is a date that will sit in the minds of many people and will become a memorable historical event in the future as this was the date when the whole country went into a full lockdown following the news that a global pandemic was on the horizon.

This was also just 2 weeks ahead of the day when we, the Purple Team, were due to go out for a farewell meal and drinks for our Sarah who was heading off on maternity leave. Sadly, our party plans were dashed as we had to cancel plans and all wave goodbye to each other to head off to our respective homes to start a new way of working from home!

One year on, and with a beautiful bouncing baby and maternity leave duly completed, Sarah felt that Covid, and the Pandemic, had completely deprived her of the opportunity to experience that first year of proper ‘mummyhood’ and so she reached out to us to ask for a further year out. Purple, being the special business and team that we are, absolutely supported this request and today, Tuesday 3rd May 2022 and roughly 2 years on, Sarah has come back to rejoin the Purple Team.

In the past two years, many things have changed for many businesses and Purple is no exception; adjusting to working from home, increased requests from clients needing to get online or use social media and digital marketing to extend their own reach, staff members being hit by Covid at varying times - all of which contrives to put added pressure on us.Added to this, and with the temporary loss of Sarah over the past 2 year period, myself, Allan (Technical Director) and Scarlett (Business Development Manager) all had to close ranks and assume the duties that Sarah previously executed.

But today she is back and we are all mega excited - not least because Allan, Scarlett and I can dump some stuff back on her!

Two years of growth and change in Purple has also enabled us to make some adjustments and so Sarah comes back in the capacity of Operations Manager to ensure that everything at Purple runs smoothly from one day to another by maximising processes and procedures so that customer expectations, in terms of service and cost-effectiveness, are met.

At the same time, we are changing and expanding Scarlett’s role from that of Business Development Manager to Commercial Manager responsible for continuing to grow our portfolio of customers, new business opportunities and heading up our sales and marketing strategies.

I am pleased to have my friend and colleague Sarah back in the camp with us. As a version of the old saying goes…. The future is bright, the future is purple.

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