22/02/2024 - Our favourite AI tools for 2024 | Website Blog | Purple Creative Studio
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Our favourite AI tools for 2024

We have all seen the articles in the news and on Social Media scaremongering us into trying to believe that AI is coming for our jobs, but as a friend recently described it to me, AI isn’t taking over just yet, it's just a tool in a toolbox. 

When I first started writing about AI on the Purple blog, I had just dipped my toe into the water and was just using it to help me come up with my weekly meal plan and shopping list, something I still do, but what AI tools can I not live without in a professional capacity? 

Here is my current toolbox:



It has to be my most used AI tool; I turn to ChatGPT if I need help starting an email, ideas for content, blog posts, marketing text, domain ideas or hashtag research.  I even know someone who got out of a parking ticket by getting ChatGPT to help them write letters disputing the fine. (👋)

If you haven’t used it yet, I urge you to go and have a look and see what creative block it might help you get over. 

Subject Line Generator


I used to spend far too long thinking of a catchy snappy subject for an email, sometimes it would take me longer than the email, but thanks to this Chrome Extension I can get my subject line sorted in seconds!

Break it down


When faced with a huge task I need a list of tasks that make a project seem more manageable, this tool allows you to generate a to do list from a single line, sometimes not all of the points are 100% relevant to me, but there is always something in the list that I hadn’t thought of before!

Break things down



If your office is anything like the Purple Office, then you know a great meme is better than a thousand words in a group chat, cue SuperMeme.  Simply type in what you want to say and let SuperMeme do the rest!




It is yet to be released to us mere mortals, but I am so very excited to try VideoPoet.  The animation of the example images on the website looks very cool and I am excited to see how short animations like this will work on clients' websites in the future.



You’ve probably already heard of this one, and might even be using it already without realising it’s an AI tool! Grammarly is a really handy proofreading tool that will also suggest ways to improve your writing. It’s a simple way to avoid many writing blunders!

There are so many AI tools out there that can help with prioritising your inbox, transcribing meetings and even providing chatbot services, what tools are you using now?  Let us know on our Social Channels. 

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