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With our help learn how you can maximise your budget and get great results for your business with Pay Per Click advertising.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click advertising, often referred to by the acronym PPC, is a model of advertising online whereby you pay each time your advert is clicked.

The most common form of PPC is Google AdWords but there are other PPC advertising platforms available such as Bing Ads and Yahoo Ads.

How much does PPC Cost?

This is a very difficult question to answer as the cost of PPC varies depending on a number of different factors such as how competitive the keyword or phrase you are paying to rank for is, the audience you are targeting, even the time of year can impact the cost per click. For example if you are a florist selling bouquets of flowers you will find that your cost per click sky rockets in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day!

Can anyone use PPC?

Anyone can access Google AdWords and register an account and we often recommend that clients do this and make full use of the tools on the platform such as the Google Keyword Planner.

The challenge for most of our clients is having the confidence and knowledge to know how to set a realistic and effective advertising budget as well as refining their keywords so they are only paying for keywords that are likely to convert to a sale or business lead.

What about Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Advertising is a great way to boost specific events or posts. You can create adverts that are flexible and allow you to target specific audiences, whether that be age, gender, location or interests.

There are different types of Facebook Advertising available to all Business Pages and it is something that we recommend in the right circumstances.

How can Purple help me manage my PPC adverts?

As well as being Google Partners we also have Google AdWords certification, this means we have completed an intense online course and examination and demonstrated our ability to effectively use Google AdWords.

We also benefit from being able to view your business from the perspective of a customer, suggesting jargon free keywords and phrases that often don’t occur to our clients!

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