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Our workshops are a great way to learn new Digital Skills and connect with other businesses in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

Digital Workshops for Businesses in Yorkshire

Keeping up to date and abreast of digital trends can be a huge challenge and is almost enough to be a full-time job. So, why not save time on the researching and enrol yourself or your team members on one of our workshops?

Our workshop series has been developed to be accessible and easy to understand for all levels. We offer courses on a range of subjects and we can even make a tailor-made workshop for your business if required.

Held on the beautiful Aske Estate this is the ideal setting for a Digital Marketing workshop, so why not get in touch and let us know which course you would be interested in.

Search Engine Optimisation Workshops

Search Engine Optimisation is a large topic to cover and is constantly evolving as search engines like Google adjust and configure the algorithms used to determine a websites position on the search engine results page.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Workshops cover a variety of topics all designed to help businesses gain a better understanding of the steps they can take to improve the search engine ranking of their website for the keywords and phrases that best serve their business.

Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation

The Beginners Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation Workshops cover:

  • What is SEO? A guide to understanding this phrase and what it means for your business.
  • Keyword and Phrase research – How to find the terms your customers are searching for and get found!
  • Page Titles and Descriptions – Optimising the metadata on your pages to nudge search engines towards your website.
  • Alt Image tags – Optimising your images for Search Engines
  • Video Content – Improving your SEO with effective use of embedded video content.
  • On page content optimisation
  • Google Analytics – Using Google Analytics to monitor your website performance and identify areas to improve or build on.

This course is aimed at businesses of any size that would like to learn more about Search Engine Optimisation and the activities they can undertake to improve their website position in search engines.

Social Media for Businesses Workshops

We manage the Social Media presence for a number of our clients and often when we meet to discuss this the main obstacle they say that is stopping them from doing this themselves is that they lack the knowledge of the various Social Media Platforms.

Through our Social Media Workshops we aim to educate businesses about Social Media platforms and how to use these to reach new and existing customers.

We have the benefit of working with Social Media every day and keep up to date with the latest developments and online trends.

Our workshop is very relaxed and we recommend that everyone come along with a laptop or tablet so they can click along and really maximise their learning experience during the course of the day.

Email Marketing Workshops

Email marketing is an effective way to stay connected with your customers, it is relatively easy and numerous studies claim that it offers the highest Return on Investment of all online marketing activities.

Our preferred email marketing platform is Mailchimp as we feel it is easy to use, particularly for those who are new to email marketing.

The Email Marketing Workshops cover:

  • Creating a mailchimp account
  • Importing contacts to email marketing lists and list management
  • Complying with GDPR
  • Tips for creating effective email marketing campaigns
  • Analysing Mailchimp Reports

The Email Marketing Workshop is perfect for businesses of all sizes that would like to learn how to create engaging email marketing campaigns to reach new customers and build relationships with their current customer base.

Digital Marketing Workshops

Our Digital Marketing Workshops offer businesses the chance to learn a combination of the skills covered in our SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing Workshops in two-day long sessions.

The Digital Marketing Workshops cover:

  • Course content from SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing Workshops
  • Using Google AdWords

Our Digital Marketing Workshop is perfect for businesses that are looking to learn all the skills necessary to help their business succeed online.

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