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SSL Certificates

Let visitors to your website know that the information they share is secure with an SSL certificate and secure padlock.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is sometimes referred to as a Transport Layer Security TSL.

An SSL is a cryptographic protocol that provides communications security over a computer network… In plain English, an SSL is a secure way of transmitting information from one computer to another online.

Do I need an SSL Certificate?

Whilst you don’t technically need an SSL certificate it is something that we strongly recommend our clients add to their website. Having an SSL certificate is a nod to users and search engines, that your site is to be trusted. This is particularly important for eCommerce sites that will be handling sensitive banking information.

How do I know if a site has an SSL certificate?

You can tell if a site has an SSL certificate by having a look to see how their domain appears in the address bar of your browser.

Sites with an SSL certificate will have a green padlock symbol and the word ‘Secure’ on the left of their domain and their domain will be prefixed with https:// rather than the standard http://, the ‘s’ standing for secure.

How long does an SSL certificate last?

We offer 3-year SSL Certificate packages that are renewed every three years.

Will my search engine rankings improve if I get an SSL certificate?

There is never any guarantee when it comes to search engines and improving your rankings but all the news from Google and SEO experts is that more emphasis will be placed on the Quality and Trust of a site when determining search engine results.

It stands to reason that sites that demonstrate these qualities will be treated more favourably whilst those without may be penalised in the results. The quickest and easiest way to show Google that your site is trustworthy is to add an SSL certificate.

How much does an SSL certificate cost?

SSL Certificates are renewed every three years at a cost of £99+VAT. When an SSL Certificate is initially applied there is a small amount of chargeable time to configure this but this is a one-off cost.

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