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5 Ways to Add Festive Fun to Your Website 2023

We know there’s still Halloween and Bonfire Night to come but we promise we’ve got your best interests at heart as we start to talk all things Christmas.

We’re sure you’ve all seen Christmas creeping into the supermarkets; a Terry’s Chocolate Orange here and mince pies galore there. Perhaps you’ve indulged (we certainly have!) and that shows that introducing Christmas sooner than later can have its benefits and can boost conversions.

As a business, you might have various online presences as well as a brick and mortar base and we appreciate that it’s a lot of upkeep and you might be unsure of when and where to begin when it comes to the festive season. 

Christmas is fun to delve into, and the beauty is that everyone can get involved. From adding a Christmas spin to your digital marketing efforts to translating those visuals into your printed marketing materials. All efforts hark back to your website and it brings your efforts full circle if your website is festively aligned with your other online and offline branding (the Christmas version). 


When to start introducing Christmas to your business

So you’ve decided to step into Christmas with both feet, we love to hear it!! We’ve covered in our other festive blogs, of this series, when it might be a good time to start adding those Christmas touches, but here’s our suggestions in a (chest)nutshell. 

๐Ÿก Hospitality and Leisure - September

Post “back to school” is when people might be thinking ahead and planning where they would like to go over the Christmas period.

๐Ÿ‘— Retail - November

This can vary from one business to another but what you don’t want to do is irritate your audience by introducing Christmas a little too soon. We recommend waiting for Halloween to pass and to start approaching Christmas in November. 

๐Ÿ’ผ Business2Business - December

B2Bs, we suggest joining the party a little later than other businesses as you’ll be less likely offering products or services specific to the Christmas period. 

So, you may have sprinkled festive joy over your social schedule and profiles and got some Christmas themed offline materials printed… How can you do the same with your website? 


How to include Christmas on your website

Christmas Logo

Your logo is arguably the most important identifier of your business; a visual element that’s a constant across all of your online and offline presence. All it might take is a snowflake here or a bauble there to transform your main logo into that same logo, but with a cheers to the Christmas spirit. 

We’ve worked with various clients who have wanted their logo to have a touch of added magic and the results are always so fun yet don’t take away from the original and recognised logo that their audience knows and resonates with. Take a look here at how we’ve taken these logos from everyday to I-wish-it-could-be-Christmas-every-day.

Untitled design (15)


Festive Imagery

Imagery is a big contributor towards engaging content which means that one way to keep users interested on your website during the most wonderful time of the year is to add striking imagery to key spaces on the website. If you are going to focus on one page on your website, we would suggest it be the homepage as it’s the most popular page for users to land on when they first head to your website. 

Your homepage should be a one stop shop, posting people to the most important spaces across your website, so there’s lots of opportunity here. 

Let’s start by introducing that new sparkly logo and adding a festive banner image or graphic. Already as soon as a user lands on your homepage, they are hit with Christmas cheer! 

From there, review your current Calls-to-action on your homepage; perhaps it’s featured products, events, or offers. Can these be spun to highlight Christmas stock, Christmas events or your newest Christmas offers? Here’s another opportunity to add more Christmas-esque images or graphics, making the full homepage dressed for the season.  


Christmas Page

Christmas might occupy a large amount of your offering when it comes around. For shops supplying products perfect for Christmas gifts and businesses that hold events or offer Christmas menus, you might want to think about a dedicated Christmas page that is an addition to your top level menu. This will allow you to have all your Christmas related offerings altogether in one space, easy for users to discover and browse. 

Last year we helped The Station do just this, creating a Christmas themed page that filters all of their fun December events so that people can clearly see what they have organised for the lead up to Christmas. The page is live now, with all of their Christmas 2023 events that we would definitely recommend you check out.

Case Study Graphics


Christmas Offers

Another great opportunity to introduce Christmas to your website is creating limited time Christmas offers. 

๐Ÿ’ธ X% off when you spend over £X online or in-store in November 

๐Ÿด 3 courses for the price of 2 for bookings in December

๐Ÿ’ค A free extra night’s stay when you book a minimum 3 night stay in December

Everyone is looking for chances to save a little where they can around the festive season and offers are a massive incentive for consumers to spend their money with you. 


Deck the Halls

Last but by no means least, maybe you’d just like to put the decorations up on your website - literally. Adding animations to your website can instantly transform it. You might like to add Christmas lights to your website, okay, no problem! Or have the snow falling down the screen, sure, consider it done! A winter wonderland website, here we come! ๐ŸŽ„โ›„

We’d love to help you Christmas-up your website, get in touch to discuss your ideas, we’d love to hear them and see what we can do ๐ŸŒŸ 

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