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Tech News

26 Apr

Keeping Up to Date with AI

5-10 minutes

Wednesday 26 Apr 2023

Tech News

Sarah Cook

We have been discussing AI in the office quite a lot recently so we asked the team what their thoughts were on the technology and how they used it already.

20 Dec

How to optimise your video for Search Engines

6 minutes

Tuesday 20 Dec 2022


Maisy Dinsdale

It’s public knowledge that Google loves video content and the sole reason for that is because Google knows that people love video content. Take a look at how you can optimise your video content or how to best start implementing it into your strategy 🧐

25 Jul

GA4: What to look out for

5 minute read

Monday 25 Jul 2022

Purple News


Last month we wrote a blog about the change from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and how it was best to make this change as soon as possible to start collecting data in GA4.

26 Jun

Website Accessibility: Make changes today.

Sunday 26 Jun 2022

General News

Sarah Cook

Website design has thankfully evolved over the years, gone are the visitor counters, the flashing fonts and slow load times. Instead websites now focus on user friendly designs which aims to serve visitors with information quickly in an attractive and an easy to digest format. And this level of detail needs to be there for all users, yes, we are talking website accessibility.

16 Dec

How to make your website accessible!

Thursday 16 Dec 2021

Tech News

Maisy Dinsdale

Website accessibility is so important and here is all you need to know about it, why you should factor it into your website, and how you can do that ✔

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