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03 Mar

Waverley Borough Council Website Design

5 minutes

Friday 03 Mar 2023

Website Projects

Sarah Cook

Waverley Borough Council is based in Surrey and serves a population of over 120,000 people. They are passionate about the community they serve and are responsible for a huge amount of services and for providing easy to find information to their residents.

01 Mar

Matt Ball Architecture

4 minutes

Wednesday 01 Mar 2023

Website Projects

Sarah Cook

Matt Ball Architecture has been a client of Purple since 2016. The practice focuses on creating timeless and contemporary buildings that exceed expectations. The practice also champions sustainability looking to deliver low impact and low energy buildings.

25 Feb

Our favourite FREE marketing tools!

7 minutes

Saturday 25 Feb 2023

Digital Marketing


Check out some of our favourite free marketing tools to help keep those marketing efforts moving forwards in 2023.

03 Feb

5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Marketing for 2023

5 minutes

Friday 03 Feb 2023

Digital Marketing

Jess Buck

Now we’ve settled into the year, it's time to get the marketing wheels in motion. When thinking about your marketing, it can be overwhelming to know where to start in terms of planning, so here are 5 things to consider and guide you along the way.

30 Jan

Should you use AI Generated Content on your website?

4 minutes

Monday 30 Jan 2023

General News

Sarah Cook

Recently my LinkedIn feed has been taken over by people discussing AI generated text which has made me wonder whether the future of copywriting is dead and what this means for website content. Could Al generated copy help clients who struggle writing their content and if so what would the knock on effect be for Search Engine Optimisation?

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