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Find out how you can use Analytics to better understand your online audience and use this to make effective business decisions.

What are analytics?

There is lots of data available relating to both your website and social media accounts, it is through analytics that we can make sense and interpret this data and translate this into meaningful information to your business.

There are lots of different analytics platforms available, but when it comes to your website the most powerful platform is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a free service and involves embedding a unique tracking code in your website that is not visible to users but works in the background to collect and send information on how your website is being accessed and interacted with and send this back to the Google Analytics reporting system.

As well as Google Analytics, most Social Media platforms have their own version of analytics that provide insight into how your followers engage with you on their platform.

What can I learn from Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a fantastic service that allows you to learn a huge amount of information on how people behave on your website.

Through Google Analytics you can learn more about your audience such as where they are from drilling down as far as a town or city, if they have visited your website before, the type of device they are viewing your website on and the most popular pages on your website.

This is the tip of the ice berg in terms of the data available and through closely monitoring trends in your analytics you can make informed decisions about your website and your marketing.

What can I learn from Social Media Analytics?

With traditional marketing it can often be challenging to evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts and how many people you have reached with your message.

With Social Media analytics you can do just that, with access to statistics like how many people have seen a particular post, how they have engaged with your content and your brand in general.

This is hugely helpful when it comes to shaping your marketing strategy and finding new and unique ways to reach your online audience.

How can Purple make sense of my analytics for me?

Many of our clients are very interested in the information they can get from their analytics but are unsure how to interpret the data available to them.

We think this data should be presented  in an easily readable format. For our clients we produce Google Analytics and Social Media Analytics, in an attractive and easy to understand monthly report.

These reports are tailored to each business and the data that matters to them. If this is a service that you are interested in, regardless of whether we built your website or not, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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