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09 Nov

Recession Marketing

8 minutes

Wednesday 09 Nov 2022

General News

Sarah Cook

It can feel like a scary and a daunting time to be running a business at the moment, we are hardly out of Covid, energy prices are rising, the cost of living is increasing and now the economy is declining with the UK predicted to enter a recession.

04 Oct

Holidays are coming…

4 minutes

Tuesday 04 Oct 2022

General News

Sarah Cook

So, I think it is safe to say that we are now officially in Autumn and whilst you may not want to hear it, Christmas is coming! In fact 38% of people start Christmas shopping in October.

16 Aug

Making the web a little greener

4 minute read

Tuesday 16 Aug 2022

General News

Sarah Cook

When I was having a look on LinkedIn last week I noticed a post by someone suggesting that if you deleted just one image from your website then you were making an environmentally conscious decision to make your website more sustainable. I carried on scrolling my feed, but the post stuck with me and I couldn’t get it out of my head.  Could it really be that simple to make websites greener?  

21 Jul

Using your website to attract the right talent

4 minute read

Thursday 21 Jul 2022

General News


This year job vacancies in the UK have risen to a record high with businesses across sectors and of all sizes working hard to recruit.

27 Jun

Sian's tenth month at Purple!

Monday 27 Jun 2022

General News

Sian Palmer - Brown

See what Sian has been up to as she marks 10 months with Purple!

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